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The Long-Anticipated Blog Name Change!!

I started my blog in May 2010, and I didn't even write a single post for nearly 2 years. I wanted a blog, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with it.

I remember just sitting in my living room, newly married, and just slapping a name on the blog: Domestic Diva Domain (I love alliteration, okay?! It's the cutesy preschool teacher in me!). I didn't love it, but I thought, it'll do.

Fast-forward a few years, and I dabbled in different topics, such as recipes, DIY tutorials, a few random updates about my life, and some Wordless Wednesday posts with just photos. I spent some time trying to understand how to format a blog and realized I'd never understand coding! Everything I  know about blogging was learned from countless hours basically doing trial and error using the provided templates. I linked up a few of my posts with Pinterest and that got me A LOT of views! One of my posts has been linked in many online articles about creative storage for the home. It was fun to watch the hits grow!

And then, our family started to grow, and my domestic drama turned more into a mommy blog. I wrote about infertility, I wrote weekly updates about my pregnancies, and monthly updates of each baby's first year of life. I shared my expertise in the field of Early Childhood Education and did some REAL TALK about the struggles of motherhood. I was really wanting to change the blog name, because it wasn't really a reflection of what my blog was about anymore.

But what to change it to?!

I've thought about it off and on the last few years.

And then today, it just hit me.

Let me give you a quick backstory about what kind of headspace I was in when I thought of this new name for my blog.

My husband is in the Army, and he is currently away at a training. Nothing new for us, really, he's been gone a lot these last 2 years, but I was on the struggle bus, nonetheless. A separation is never easy, no matter how far or how long. Anyway, this week with the kids has been challenging, with yesterday being the WORST day of the week. You know, one of those days that you need a glass of wine (or 3), a punching bag, and a one-way ticket to Tahiti. Today was a touch better, but still leading me to have a mini-mommy-meltdown (which I felt the need to document on Snapchat to my best guys are the best!).

You see, my kids have been constantly fighting, I can't keep them separated, and my oldest has been deliberately disobeying and jumps on beds alllll dayyyyy longgggg. Combine that with having the kids home all summer long and an out-of-town husband and a disaster of a house and stress on top of stress on top of stress (I'm trying to keep this short and sweet here)...I was ready to lose my mind.

But. I did manage to do some laundry this morning, and I was carrying my clean bedding back into the master bedroom when I realized that I almost had everything picked up off of the floor in there.

That is a rare occurrence in our household, just being honest.

Our bedroom is like our dumping ground, the room that gets neglected the most. I always want it to be our sanctuary, where we can go to de-stress. Kinda hard to do when the room is buried in junk, so it is just this vicious cycle of trying to catch up, but still always falling behind.

So today, I thought, I have half an hour before naptime...I'll bet I can pick up the rest of this stuff and vacuum real quick before the kids need to sleep.

YOU GUYS.  I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I vacuumed our master.

I'm being serious.

I'm pretty sure that it's slightly possible that our master has not been vacuumed since we moved in.

We got here almost exactly 12 months ago.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah, I'm not proud of it, but that's the truth.

Y'all, I had to dump out the vacuum canister TWICE before I was done vacuuming that room.

It was that bad.

And our master isn't very big - it's a fairly small room that we have our king-sized bed, nightstands, a dresser, and a cedar chest crammed into. So as you can imagine, there's not very much floor space.

In my defense, we do have 2 cats that basically live in our master. They come out to pee, poop, and eat, and that's about it.

As I was vacuuming and feeling terrible about myself that it had seriously been a whole freaking YEAR since I vacuumed that room, I thought to myself, "I wonder what people would think if I confessed to this?!"

And that's when I knew.

That's when I knew exactly what my blog should be called now.


[cue dramatic music and clapping. tears optional.]


Welcome to Mothership Confessional! I'm so glad you're here!! I'm sure you'll fit right in as I share about my life as a Stay-At-Home military spouse, raising 2 young kids as best as I can, and telling the REAL stories of motherhood that most of us experience, but we don't typically share. Motherhood is crazy, scary, and surprisingly lonely. I hope my stories can make you feel a little less alone and inspired to be yourself and be more confident with who you are. If you can't relate to my stories, well, at least they will give you another perspective besides your own and help you to understand why others feel the way that they do!


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