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Week 34 & 35: Big Baby Boy!

Week 34:

Ava has a few new interests and abilities:

She likes to play hide and seek! We call it peek-a-boo. We run around the house and I try and hide around the corner from her and then I pop out and say "peek-a-boo"! She loves it and asks for more every time I stop!

She's learning new body parts! She's understanding "arm" and "leg" more, and her new favorite is "neck"! She has also become interested in the creases of the inner arm (elbow pit??) and my arm pits! She likes to play with my hair (I think we may have moved passed pulling it...for the most part) and I've caught her playing with her own hair a few times!

I can tell she's putting short sentences together because she looks at me with such meaning and intent when she talks. The trouble is, is that we don't always understand what she is saying! 

She's getting good at undressing herself! She giggles the whole time while I promt her to take off each article of clothing before her bath!

Running errands with Ava is becoming more tricky. She now demands to walk, which is fine when we are walking from the car into the store. But once we get into the store, I want her to be in the cart; she does not, and she proceeds to throw a fit. Sometimes it doesn't bother her, but it is becoming something we have to deal with more frequently. She's craving that independence more and more!!

This girl is getting tall and is reaching more and more things. I'm trying to stay one step ahead of her and I am SO thankful the kids' rooms have big closets because I'm able to just throw things in there when I need them out of reach!

I spent most of this week not feeling well. Serious sinus congestion and a runny nose. I've gone through a whole box of tissues and do a lot of mouth-breathing. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a sinus infection! I haven't had one of those in about 5 years! I can't taste my food and I am just so plugged up and miserable. What I really want is some Mucinex and Advil, but I can't take those while pregnant!

I really enjoy wearing my support band! It's been helping a lot at the end of the day!

I've decided it's a good time to start wearing my fake wedding bands. My real wedding ring is getting a little tricky to get off, and I don't want it to get stuck!

I'm really into sweat pants and eating apples. Honey crisp apples, to be exact! A little pricey, but they are the perfect combination of sweet, juicy, and crisp!

I'm having lots of Braxton Hicks and my belly gets all lumpy since Liam is getting so big!

Lots of appointments! Me, Ava, and Liam have all gotten checked on recently. My new doctor here wanted me to have an ultrasound of my kidneys because there is often a connection between a bicornuate uterus and kidney troubles. Ava went in for her ear infection, and I might have to go in for sinusitis...but I'm really hoping it was just a nasty cold! We go for a hospital tour in a few weeks. I guess I should start thinking about packing my hospital bag!

This is so crazy!! I feel nervous and excited and terrified. I can't wait to hold tiny Liam! But I'm dreading returning to zombie mode...and I'm scared for the breastfeeding pains...and I worry how Ava will do with all this change. I just keep thinking, yes the beginning is hard, but after 3/4 months, I will have settled into a new "normal" and I will feel better!

Week 35

Well, it turns out I don't have a sinus infection, but it was close! Each day I feel a tiny bit better and use a few less tissues. The doctor gave me a nasal spray and told me to do sinus rinses, rest, and drinks plenty of fluids. I've been running the humidifier and sleeping like a ROCK at night, although I wake up so tired still!

The doctor also briefly checked on Liam just for safety measures. Little stinker was back to being transverse! He could tell just by feeling my belly! Now that he's bigger (my app says 5 pounds!!) its been easier for me to distinguish between when he is head down and when he is transverse! He flips around a lot and it determines my comfort level. It's harder for me to sit upright and play on the floor with Ava when he is sideways. Head down usually gives me more pelvic pain, but I actually prefer it that way because at least my belly doesn't feel so stretched! I guess it is a good thing we are doing a c-section because it looks like we won't be able to count on him to stay head down!

I've started to make some progress in Liam's room! I've organized the piles and pulled out the bulk of the items from storage we will need. I've filled his dresser and started to work on the layout of what will go on the walls. I'm sorting Ava's toys and putting the "baby" toys in his room. I like to sneak away occasionally and just sit in there! I don't do it as often as with Ava, but it really makes me feel calm despite the nagging feeling that I'm not ready. Ava keeps me busy and I don't have as much time to sit with my thoughts and dream about Liam's arrival. And I think that's an important part of preparing for a baby, is to sit in the quietness and dream about your sweet baby. At least it makes me feel better! Kind of like the calm before the storm! I feel a lot better now that some progress is being made! I've even made it into the guest room to get things more settled in there as well!

I'm having some really weird feelings. My Ava baby longer a baby...and it's really becoming apparent lately. She doesn't really play with her big toddler toys, and she's ready for more pretend play toys and is moving on to skills like counting and categorizing. WHAT?! We are discussing getting her a potty chair. She is consistently hiding in her bedroom when she poops in her diaper and she has been dry after her nap. She has also started clutching her diaper and I ask her if she pee-peed and usually she either runs to the bathroom (I think because she thinks I'm telling her that I need to pee-pee and she wants to go with me) or she runs to her room to be changed. Sometimes she just jabbers something to me and runs off, so the correlation isn't 100% there! But I definitely think she would be interested in a potty chair!

I had a conversation with Ava this afternoon in which she really demonstrated what she understands. I was changing her diaper and I told her we were going to go to the commissary. She said "cahhhhh" and I replied, "Yes! The commissary!". As I put her down, I told her to go find her shoes so we can go bye bye. As I finish up in her room, she returns with a matching pair of shoes (she has always picked 2 that match...and strangely enough they always coordinate with her outfit) and she sits down so I can help her put them on. Then she said "carrr", and I said, "yes, we are going to get in the car, but first mommy needs to put on her shoes too". We left her room and Ava went to get my shoes without me saying anything else to her. She dug out one and I dug out the other! She watched me put my shoes on and she said "buh-bye"..."yep! Time to go buh-bye! Let's go get in the car and go to the commissary!".

Blew my mind, that child did. That was about 3 sequential events that she put together!

She loves to do this skip-hop-gallop thing and dance around on her tip toes. She can almost get on the couch by herself and she can reach things at the edge of our bar-height table and the kitchen counters. She loves to drag the dish towel around the kitchen (drives us nuts) and she still puts random things in the trash can, so we really have to pay attention to what she takes into the kitchen!

She enjoys snooping in the fridge when we are trying to get things out of it. Sometimes its for a swig of her milk, and other times she tries to steal the coffee creamer from the door.

I am gradually making the necessary adjustments for Liam's arrival that will affect Ava. I pulled her playmat out and we have that in the living room again. We had to switch the mattresses to the cribs because the one with Liam's is super soft and too squishy for a new baby. We will switch the chairs in the two rooms; a recliner will be much more comfy for those middle-of-the-night feedings and those times when we fall asleep trying to get little baby back to sleep. Nursing will be more comfortable in that recliner than in the glider chair. I'll bring out the swing and we will probably install the car seat soon. These all seem like minor changes, which they really are, but in Ava's eyes, they may not be. I don't want to overwhelm her and do too many things in one day. I've already put up her big toddler toys too, so I'm just changing one or two things every few days. I just want to be sensitive to her. It's been an eventful 2 months with this move, and now she is going to have a new baby in the house. I'm trying to remember my days with just me and Ava are numbered; soon she will have to share me and I won't be able to focus on just her all day long. I think it will be hard for both of us! I'm pretty attached to my little girl - I'm hardly ever away from her.

I had another check up for Liam, and we had a quick ultrasound. There was a clear image of his foot on the screen, and the doctor said, "that's a big foot!". He took a quick measurement and I told him Ava was always in the 40-50th percentile in utero and was 7 pounds, 14 ounces at birth. He said, "yeah, I think this baby is going to be bigger than the 40th percentile!". He said he has plenty of fluid around him which is why he's able to move around so much. I've been sensing that he's going to be a bigger baby! I've been uncomfortable and I just feel bigger. Although I'm not quite ready for him to arrive yet, I'm so ready!! I want my range of motion back and to be able to enjoy getting down on the floor with Ava. Obviously that will take some time after birth, but I'm looking not being pregnant anymore!!

I'm shocked I'm saying that.

Pregnancy with Ava was blissful until the last couple of weeks when I started to get uncomfortable and antsy. This time around, there's been a lot more going on and change and stress, and so I'm feeling those things much earlier this time. I'm feeling very ready to get back to my new normal! I'm always tired. And usually uncomfortable. And I miss doing lots of fun things with my Ava girl. I think that's where I feel like I'm failing the most - she doesn't get to do much besides stay at home. And part of that is because we just relocated and don't know anyone to playdate with or fun places to take her yet. And I have no energy. And we can't walk to the park. Gah. I'm sure these next 5 weeks will fly by, but I can't help but want them to be over! They are going to be the hardest ones yet. I'm ready to hold my baby boy in my arms instead of push him out of my ribs and wince every time I have to reposition myself in bed.

Lots of exciting things are happening!! I got the official call from the hospital that Liam is scheduled for the 22nd and I go in for a pre-op appointment the week prior. This is going to be SUCH a different delivery!! We go in for a hospital tour soon and my weekly appointments start after my next one!

(sorry this post seems like such a mess...I type a bit every few days so if my thoughts seem to be a bit disconnected...well, it's because they are!)

Ava is really into rubbing and hugging my belly. We are spending more time telling her that baby Liam is in there and he will come out soon!

And she said the sweetest thing the other day...

"hi Liam"

except it sounded like "hi bia". Sometimes it sounds closer to "hi bee-um".

I love it!!!

2 babies is going to be a lot of work, and I know the beginning is going to be hard...

but I can't wait!!!

I can't wait to see Ava and Liam together and all the mischief they will get into!

It's kind of a nice feeling to know that I can relax a little bit with this baby. I've done this once before, and I know that when things get tough that it won't last forever. I'm hoping I'll be able to enjoy the newborn phase a bit more this time, and we are hoping that Liam will be a better napper than Ava...20-30 minute cat naps made things rough for those first 6 months!! Every baby is different, so I look forward to meeting Liam and seeing what his temperament will be. We were SO LUCKY with Ava...she was a happy baby who practically never cried! She is still the same happy girl, but with the toddler attitude to go with it!

I'll stop jabbering now and save more random thoughts for the next post, haha!


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