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My Experience with CIO: A Week-Long Journal

Go ahead and get your coffee and have a seat. This post is a looooong one.

Cry it Out is a very controversial sleep training method that I was TOTALLY against doing in the beginning. It didn't feel natural to me, and plus Ava was still so small that I felt she truly still needed me and her brain hadn't matured enough to have the skills to do it. I kept pushing it out of my mind, even though it would make things easier.

I have read that CIO should not be used because babies need you to help them fall asleep, and making them do it on their own creates a break of trust, a feeling of abandonment, and can "scar them for life". I read a study that claimed to have discovered that just because a baby stops crying does not mean the child is not still in distress, just that they have learned to be silent about it after CIO training.

I have also read that when used properly and at the right time, CIO is teaching your child a necessary skill, just like any other life lesson they…

No, Seriously...What You REALLY Need to Know About Having A Newborn

There are about 10 bajillion posts and articles that talk about what "they" don't tell you about having a newborn. And they all kinda say the same thing, but it's not really anything that you couldn't have already predicted...

"you will be tired" "your lady parts will hurt" "you won't have time to shower for days" "you won't feel like yourself"
So I'm going to share what I've learned so far that has been shocking to me. Or at least things that I didn't think about.
Pregnancy was dreamland for me. I had a fabulous pregnancy and up until the last week before she was born (she was born at 40 weeks and 1 day), I wasn't too uncomfortable. I was so happy to finally be pregnant and I loved to sit and fantasize about our upcoming life with our little Ava.
And then the little bundle of joy arrived!!
But...where was the joy?!

1. It is not uncommon to not instantly "be in love" with your chil…

The Pendulum of Motherhood

I've been asked by many people now what motherhood is like and if I'm just so happy and in love with it. 
Honestly, my answer starts with a big sigh, a half-smile, and I respond with something along the lines of "it's good, but..." and then I talk about the latest frustration or struggle. 
Most days there is a swinging pendulum of feelings. One moment, I'm overjoyed at the giggles and squeals I get out of Ava when we sing and dance, and the next thing I know, I'm feeling frustrated because she's fighting naptime and I have no idea why. And then after she wakes up from her 30 minute rest, she's kicking and smiling at me from the changing table. 
Highs and lows happen daily. Repeatedly. 
Ava has never been much of a crier, and for that I thank my lucky stars. She usually just has quiet whine and the occasional crying fit when she wants out of the car seat/is hungry and we aren't home yet. 
I'm currently in the process of attempting to wean …

3 Months: The End of the "Fourth Trimester"

Oh, my baby girl!!!
She has officially left the newborn phase, and is now an infant!
She has been changing so fast lately...I also noticed a lot of changes in her around 8 weeks. It must be those growth spurts!
So we didn't end up weaning her of her swaddle. I tried weaning at naps for 2 days with just one arm out, and I couldn't even get her to sleep while holding her. Her arm would just whack her in the face and wake her up once she was asleep. So I decided that it wasn't quite time. She has been busting out of her swaddle a lot lately, so I'm hoping she gets used to that feeling and will make the weaning process a bit easier the next time I try.
She has gotten really good at putting herself back to sleep during the night, though. I'll watch her on the monitor and she will have her eyes open and then whip her head back and forth and wiggle for a few minutes and then she's asleep again. I've been trying to lay her down for naps and bedtime before she is 1…

A Reflection of The Newborn Phase: Adjusting to It All

So I went for my first runjog bouncy speed-walk with Ava in the jogging stroller.
It was a rude awakening.
I felt like I had a black hole was where my lower abdominals should have been.
My butt jiggled...out of control.
My legs burned. Probably because of poor form since I could hardly pick my feet up.
It got me thinking...when was the last time I went for a jog??
Probably about this time last year.
Well that certainly doesn't help.
Although I wouldn't exactly call my "run" a success, I know its a step in the right direction. I feel like 10 weeks after your belly is cut open and then you drop 40 pounds, being able to get out and jog at all is a pretty big deal.
As "not fun" as these walk/runs are, I know it will always make me feel better and help me stay active and restore function to my muscles. Plus, Ava is usually content and drifts off to sleep, allowing me to have a much needed mental break. Fresh air and exercise really is the best medicine! And it …