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Ava Hits the Double-Digits!! And "Other" Parenting News...

Ava celebrated 10 weeks of life today!
And what a BIG day it was!
Ok, it was big day in our house...maybe not in the eyes of others!
We went to the Farmer's Market this morning. And it was kinda cold! We finally got our first cooler temperatures - time for jeans (crap, I only fit into 2 pairs; boo)!! Chris got to use the Ergo carrier for the first time to carry Ava during our walk around all the vendors. She had just fallen asleep in the car, so the transfer was seamless! She slept while wearing her adorable sheep hat nestled in with a blanket. Of course, in true Ava fashion, as soon as she woke up, she was mad and wanted out! It was fun to walk around with our coffee on a cool morning and stock up on Amish bread and strawberry jam. We got lots of comments on our sweet sleeping baby! It's funny how you notice people talking about the "tiny baby" as they walk by - people can't resist!
I realized that Ava needed some more cool weather clothing in her current size …

Wordless Wednesday...on a Friday: 2 Hairy Children

I keep waiting for a Wednesday to roll around so I can do another Wordless Wednesday post. 
But I keep forgetting!!
These pictures are actually from quite awhile ago, but I've held on to them because I liked them so much as a series. 
But now I need more room on my phone for photos of my human child, so these have got to go! 
Enjoy my naughty little beasties. :)

2 Months!

So I'm 2 months into this mommy gig.

And I love it! :)
Of course every day comes with challenges. But the smiles, coos, and faces I get from miss baby make all the struggles worth it!
Here's what Ava is up to at 2 months old:
-sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches between feedings at night; she will randomly sleep an 8 hour stretch (as in, has only done that 2 or 3 times in her life)
-her naps are 45 minutes to an hour long (or longer if she's being held or she fell asleep in the car seat during a long car ride)
-she sleeps in her crib every night in a tight swaddle
-she always wakes with a big ole smile when she sees you!
-she self-soothes/shows she's tired by turning her head side to side, giving her awesome bed head!
-she giggles in her sleep...I'm dying for her to do this when she's awake!!
-she prefers to be held upright when she's awake and bears weight on her legs! She loves to stand (assisted, of course) and talk face to face with you!
-she discovered her ha…