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The Other Side of the Tunnel

I feel like a different person now.

I feel like an actual human!!
I think the real turning point was right at the start of the fourth week, right as I was posting my last post. 
Ava doesn't wake up as often at night. She will go 4-6 hour stretches between feedings.Of course that doesn't mean that's the number of hours I'm sleeping because time between feedings starts from when the feeding starts, not when she's done, so part of that time I'm changing her, nursing her, and then rocking her back to sleep. But at least I get to sleep in bed! That has made ALL the difference. Before she got good at sleeping in her rock and play next to the bed, I had to sleep while holding her in the recliner. All I wanted to do was lay down flat. For awhile I had to put a pillow under my feet in bed because it pulled too much on my incision. Then that got better and I was gradually able to sleep on my side with the help of my pregnancy pillow for support. 
TMI alert: I also feel mo…

The Reality of Being A New Mom

This is gonna be a great post - I can feel it already.

All done during middle of the night feedings while barely conscious, typing with one hand via my app on my phone. 
I hope you will accept my misspellings, grammatical errors, and lack of formatting in this post. 
Because honestly, I'm so sleep deprived that I don't really care about much these days!
I thought I googled a lot of things before becoming a new mommy. Now I think I look up at least one or two things each day, anything from "low-grade fevers during c section recoveries" to "how to survive the newborn stage". What's funny about that last one is that I've asked my mommy friends when this uber stressful stage gets better, and none of them can remember!! They literally don't recall how hard the first several weeks are. It's like it vanished from their brain. 
On one hand, it makes sense because half the time I'm so tired I really don't remember things from 2 hours ago. On …