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35 Weeks

I'm living life a day at a time these days.

We had a busy weekend.

Well, to me it was busy, even though we did our fair share of sitting around the house!

We went to the Renaissance Festival south of Nashville on Sunday. It was a hot day in the sun, but pretty pleasant in the shade.

A castle that a man has been working on for 44 years. Built by hand!
It pretty much exhausted me! 

I had a hard time getting out of bed the next day. And then I took a nap just 2 hours after being awake to catch up some more.

I had my first dip in the pool this pregnancy! I wore a pre-pregnancy swim suit with a tank top over it. I am thankful to have no stretch marks up to this point in pregnancy, but I decided I didn't want all eyes on me during opening weekend at the pool! I definitely had to use the ladder to get in and out of the pool, or I would hold onto Chris's hand to sit down on the edge and then slide in. It felt nice to be weightless in the water! I did a little casual swimming to get a bit of exercise. And Chris gave me piggy back rides! As soon as I got out, I instantly felt like I weighed a million times more and the pressure on my bladder quickly returned. We were lucky to find 2 lounge chairs - I was afraid we would find nowhere to sit! It was a very enjoyable visit.

And I was starving afterward, of course.

And then I took another nap.

No shame, people!

I am getting used to this "lack of lady-likeness". I have to sit with my knees apart. A squat into a chair is about what it looks like. It takes a bit of sliding around and a lot of use of my arms to get out of the car. I have lost that "feminine" walk - it is now a full-blown waddle; I've seen my shadow! I spill food on my belly at least once daily. I am turning into a bum. And I'm becoming more and more okay with that!

Here's what the rest of this pregnancy looks like: next week, not much going on. The week after, a doctor's appointment and then an ultrasound.

After that, it's 2 more weeks until my c-section.

This third trimester is coming to an end very quickly!!!

I have felt a change this week. I think I have officially hit the "uncomfortable stage".

It is harder for me to get comfortable in bed to fall asleep. Have you ever tried tossing and turning with a watermelon strapped to your belly? That's about what it feels like! I have to completely wake up to roll over. And then to readjust the pillow between my knees. And then probably kick off the covers because I'm hot. And then reach for them when I decide I want them back.

My back is starting to ache earlier and earlier in the day with each day that passes.

Running errands is such a chore now. It's not very comfortable to drive. I think I'll stop that soon. I'm really feeling the weight of Ava now, so walking around a store is not very fun. A shopping cart really helps, though, and I've found that the few times I don't get one, that the store employees will offer to go get me one. It's almost like they are shocked that I am not pushing one, even with only one or two things in my hands! Do I look that big and miserable?! Oh well; they are being courteous!

I picked up the last few things that we will need to get through the first few weeks of Ava being here. A few more newborn socks, some nursing supplies for me, some face cleansing wipes for the hospital bag, and step stool for these last few weeks (and post c-section) to help me get in and out of bed a little easier.

My hands have swelled up a bit. They've been that way for a couple of weeks now. Lookit how pudgy my hand looks! 

...and that is not my wedding ring set. It's an impostor from Walmart! Only $10! My wedding rings are like a size 5.5 - this ring set is a 7!

And I can no longer see the tendons in my feet when I fan out my toes.

So they are taking on fluids now as well! My flip flops still fit, though! And yes. It is time for a pedicure!

I found this adorable froggie at Babies R Us the other day!

We went to a child birthing class at the hospital yesterday. It was very informative. We were spared watching the video because it wouldn't pull up on the computer for some reason. We got to tour the labor and delivery floor. They were very nice laboring rooms, however, the mother and baby rooms were super tiny! There is a chance I would briefly have to share a room due to construction and remodeling going on in the ward. They try not to make you share a room, but it could happen. There is no nursery, so Ava will be with us the whole time. 

I can't wait for miss froggie to get here. But I am getting a little bit nervous about her arrival! I have to remind myself, one day at a day at a time!


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