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How to (Properly) Clean Your Water Bottle

I'm trying to do better at drinking more water.
I've found that I drink more water (without consciously thinking about it) if I drink out of a straw or straw-type water bottle as opposed to out of a glass or open container. Not sure why, I just do.
I really don't like to reuse a water bottle more than a few times before I was it. Just doesn't seem clean to me.
So I swish some hot, soapy water around and run some through the straw and wipe around the mouthpiece.
Then the other day I was looking closely at my Camelbak water bottle, and this is what I saw:

You see that?!

Besides sparkly lip gloss smudged on the outside of the mouthpiece, there was "stuff" on the inside, too!
I started yanking on pieces so that I could thoroughly clean the mouthpiece area.
I never realized the mouthpiece came off; this could explain why it was accumulating/growing gunk.

So, fully disassemble your water bottle.
Besides using hot soapy water, you can also rinse with a vinegar wash…

September's Downtown Dinner Date

Well we sure picked a humdinger of a night to have a date night in Nashville. I stayed a little bit late at work, traffic was horrible on the way home, and it was pouring rain. I was trying to hurry so we could get to Nashville at a decent time.
But then I heard on the radio that Taylor Swift was having day 1 of her concert in Nashville. That pretty much convinced me that we SHOULD NOT venture downtown tonite. 
Too wet, too late, and too busy. 
So once again, our date night stayed in Clarksville. 
Chris had done some research by the time I got home and picked out a restaurant: The Cumberland Grille. 
Sounds fancy! I imagined a sophisticated, dimly lit bar and grille with prices on the menu listed as "14" instead of "14.00". 
Here is a photo of the restaurant I pulled from Google Earth:

Hmm, not quite what I was expecting.
Next door is a flower nursery. It literally looks like two buildings (and their parking lots) were glued together.
The parking lot was the size …

Freezer Breakfasts!

Recently I have discovered how much I love breakfast. I have a bit more time in the mornings now I'm not waking up so early. In high school and college, I never really had much of an appetite before the sun came up. I really enjoy my days when I can have a slow start to my morning and cook up some eggs or french toast and savor a cup of coffee.

The mornings I do have to get to work, I find I am so disappointed that I have to grab a quick bowl of cereal, a granola bar, or worse...nothing at all.

The husband OBVIOUSLY needs a strong breakfast - he has morning PT and a full day of work (in a building with no A/C, mind you), so I realized I needed to find a solution to these early/busy mornings. Sacrificing, or having a sub-par breakfast, is just no longer an option for me.
After dragging my feet for a week or two, I finally buckled down and prepped my freezer breakfasts!

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches Cook your bacon
I will never cook bacon any ot…

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