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My "Let's Get Real" Diet

“Who says you’re not perfect”  -Selena Gomez (don’t laugh. I’m serious.)
“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
- Salvador DalĂ­ (I mean, let’s be honest.)
“This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfection.”
- Saint Augustine (and be OKAY with that.)
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss (can’t forget this one.)

What can you take away from these quotes?
How do you think they correlate to the title of this post?
What is the message the author is trying to convey?
I feel like a high school English teacher.
Let’s get real, ladies. We are never going to look a Barbie doll. We aren’t going to have that unnaturally skinny waist and be perfectly toned with great bone structure and not-too-over-the-top curves. Because we are not airbrushed, full of silicone, botox-injected, digitally retouched - and we certainly don’t have our own staff of personal trainers, dieticians, and personal chef…

Caramel Apple "Rice Krispies" Treats

One of my favorite things about cooking is that there are so many recipes where you can tailor it based upon what you have in your pantry. It allows you to have a little creativity if you are not able to completely cook from scratch and still want your food to turn out edible. :) I enjoy watching the show Chopped on Food Network and I've always wished that I had some of that talent! So for now, I just settled on my own variation of Rice Krispies Treats. 
I recently bought the newest variation of Cheerios - Dulce de Leche. I thought that would be a good alternative to Rice Krispies.
Seeing as how I have already enjoyed a couple of bowls of this cereal, there was not enough left to make a whole pan. It just so happened that I also had a box of this: ...and voila! I new recipe has been born. And here's what I did - start by putting one stick of butter and a bag of marshmallows in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high heat for 2 - 3 minutes. I reserved one marshmallow to put in …

Guest Room Decorating

Drum roll, please.
This will be my first post with pictures!
This PCS move has made me start thinking about the moving process and all that it entails. We are on the wait list to live on post, and we are going to have a 3 bedroom duplex. It occurred to me that we will need to furnish a guest room for when you all come to visit! And I am hoping that the 3rd bedroom will soon be a nursery! :)
The thought of furnishing a guest room seems to be a daunting task. We have no spare furniture of any sort to put in there, and I want there to be a comfortable room to house our visitors so they don't have to pay to stay after paying to travel to get to Ft. Campbell.
I just so happened to be a part of a conversation a few weeks ago when my step-brother's wife mentioned they had a spare queen-size bed. I was listening to her story, and then I had a light bulb moment. Wait, we could use a queen-size bed! As the gears in my brain started turning, I realized that my plans for a guest room were be…

Sweet, Sweet Separation

Being away from your husband sucks. You’re sad, people pity you, you are alone. Nobody ever thinks of it in a positive light.
So what if I were to say that it is the best thing that could happen to a marriage? How can that make any sense? Let me point the ways out to you.
1.You have an automatic reminder of all the things you LOVE about him. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually miss the video games! It gets awful quiet around here. Having someone around to encourage you to be your best at everything you do. Someone to tell you that you look beautiful. That your hair looks beautiful. That smile you get from him when you first wake up. The smallest, most insignificant things now become first in your mind. Your biggest wish in life now becomes much more simple: to spend time, even just a minute, with him.

2.You get a break from all the little pet peeves. You know, laundry all over the floor (although, I’m realizing that I’m not much better), whining when it’s time to do the dish…

Well, Now What?

It's the morning after.
The morning after my last day at my job. My first job as a college-degreed adult. I spent 4 years there, and invested so much time and energy. This school became my anchor after the passing of my mother and Chris returning home from Iraq just 2 weeks before I started working there. My mother was the one who encouraged and "gently pushed" me to apply early on in my senior year of college. She just knew that it would be the perfect fit for me. I hope that she knows how right she was! It took me on a journey that I never expected out of myself. It was very hard to leave, and I will miss all the children, families, and staff that I got to know. I sat at nap time, alone in my classroom yesterday, with all my sleeping children, reflecting on my journey at this school and all the memories I have. I have learned so much about myself in these past several years in my adult life, and I feel like God steered me down this path for a very BIG reason.
I really th…