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The Long-Anticipated Blog Name Change!!

I started my blog in May 2010, and I didn't even write a single post for nearly 2 years. I wanted a blog, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with it.

I remember just sitting in my living room, newly married, and just slapping a name on the blog: Domestic Diva Domain (I love alliteration, okay?! It's the cutesy preschool teacher in me!). I didn't love it, but I thought, it'll do.

Fast-forward a few years, and I dabbled in different topics, such as recipes, DIY tutorials, a few random updates about my life, and some Wordless Wednesday posts with just photos. I spent some time trying to understand how to format a blog and realized I'd never understand coding! Everything I  know about blogging was learned from countless hours basically doing trial and error using the provided templates. I linked up a few of my posts with Pinterest and that got me A LOT of views! One of my posts has been linked in many online articles about creative storage for the home. It was …
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Losing My Mind, Mama-Style

Today was one of those "mom days" where everything seems to be under control and going well. It was one of those days where you have little victories with your kid, so you start to feel like an awesome mom. Like, "yeah, I've got this!"

Like Mary freakin' Poppins.

And then the next thing you know, all your success comes crashing down and you feel like the sticky gum on the underside of a shoe.

Motherhood is funny like that. Your day can literally turn on a dime.

It's sooooooo funny.

(that's sarcasm, btw.)

Here's my story. Read on, because I know you'll relate!!

This morning was like any other morning, the usual sleep-til-my-kids-wake-me-up-because-hubby-is-out-of-town with a little okay-okay-I'll-get-your-breakfast-going and then some alright-go-play-or-watch-a-show-or-whatever.

Pretty standard morning over here lately.

We had a music class to go to at the library, so I went upstairs to get myself ready. I needed a shower, but I was plan…

Making Myself A Priority: A Journey

You know what is kind of cool?

Every time I work out, in the middle of all the sweat and struggle and discomfort and thoughts of "this is hard; I want to quit", I also have these really amazing thoughts of perseverance during hard times. It's almost like the clouds of negativity dissipate in my mind, allowing positive thoughts to filter in. I kind of bask in the high of my endorphins, and let the inspirational thoughts float around in my head!

Back when I went to the gym, I would get these thoughts too. I always remember thinking that I wished I had a way to blog while running on the treadmill because I would get these inspirational thoughts and I wanted to write them down! I would finish my workout and basically run to the nearest table and chair just so I could whip out my phone and jot down my thoughts!

And now, I'm sitting on the edge of my chair, all sweaty, post-workout, to get this all written down! My thoughts never seem to come out as fluidly if I wait unti…

I Tried To Quit Plexus

I stopped taking my Plexus supplements.

No more "pink drink", no more probiotic, no more BioCleanse, no more multivitamin, protein powder...nada.


Ok, so maybe that title is a little dramatic.

I didn't try to quit, it just kind of happened!

I slowly ran out of a supplement or two, and life just got busy and I didn't think I'd miss them that much. So I just let them all run out.

I was aware that I should really get some more, but I tried to convince myself that Plexus supplements didn't really make that much difference.

And you know what happened?

I started feeling like crap again.

I felt like I did before I found Plexus - headaches, tiredness, upset stomach and irregular BMs, not sleeping as well, more breakouts, and more irritability. I was starting to wonder what was going on with me when I thought, "when was the last time I drank my Slim? Or took my BioCleanse and Probio5?!" 

And then it was a lightbulb moment…

Let's Play Series: Summer is HERE!

I'm trying to get my life together (I feel like I'm always saying this!) and I've come up with a summer schedule for my 2 and 3 year old! I wanted a schedule that allows for lots of playtime and exploration in a laid back, no pressure kind of way. I didn't want to be on a specific timeline, so I only chose a few things that require a specific time commitment. The rest of our schedule is on our terms!

This is the first summer that I feel like I'm ready for something structured. My kids are 19 months apart, and my youngest is now about 2.5 and I'm not tied down with needing to breastfeed a baby or rushing home for nap times (car naps are the WORST!!). I'm still pretty rigid with nap times, but they are old enough that we can be a little more flexible and it's not that big of a deal anymore. Last summer, my husband was deployed, so trying to do things by myself all the time with a 1 and 2 year old was truly a struggle some days. So I am READY to embrace a …

When Life Throws You Bullsh*t

I feel like this is advice my mom would give to me if she were here.
She loved to garden and rarely cussed, but she had such a goofy sense of humor!

The first time I saw this, I laughed, because I could totally see her saying this to me when I complain about the struggles of military life.
I can't believe it's been 10 years, momma.
10 years that I've managed to go on without you.
One day at a time.
It's been 10 years of figuring out who I am without you, how to carry on, how to adapt.

10 years of discovering a strength I didn't realize that I had.
I am forever changed by you, from the 22 years we had together, and now by the always-increasing years that we are apart.

I look at life a little differently since you left.
I know that tomorrow is never a guarantee for any of us.
I'm a little less hesitant to go for what I truly want. I worry a little less about what others think.
I feel like I've entered a sisterhood of (young) motherless daughters.

But on the …

Grief: Oh Hello, It's Me Again

Hey, its me.

It's been awhile since I've been on here.

I was putting Ava to bed tonight, just a few minutes ago, actually. We were laying there in the dark, and she asked to play with my hair. And by "play with my hair", I mean she uses my hair as a slide and all of her stuffed animals take turns going down the slide. It felt nice to have some quiet moments at the end of a busy day; I always love to hear Ava's quiet chatter as she plays with her animal friends. Her speech is emerging more and more every day and I love hearing what is on her mind. We have made a routine of talking about our day and what we are looking forward to tomorrow.

I was looking up at the hair bows hanging on Ava's wall when a giant wave of grief washed over me.

just out of nowhere.

The wave hit me and I almost literally felt like I had been slammed to the ocean floor.

I felt the wave first, and then the thought came to my head second:

my mom is not here to see any of this life that I h…