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"Let's Play!" Series: Toy Rotation

I spent several hours DEALING WITH MY KIDS' TOYS the other day.

I like to rotate their toys, but I haven't done it in several months, and it was way overdue!

I'm going to tell you WHAT toy rotation is, HOW to do it, and WHY you should do it!

Kids have a lot of toys, and it seems like they never seem to play with all of them and there's never enough space to organize them! With toy rotation, you put at least half of the toys away, and rotate them out every so often. This controls the mess (to a degree), creates new interest in old or forgotten toys (maybe because all the toys can actually be seen), and makes for a happier, cleaner home!

A lot of my personal struggle with toy rotation is simply the logistics of it. You'll need to have space to store toys where the kids cannot access them. This could be a closet, basement, a room away from the usual play area(s), or even a locked cabinet. Storage space is something a lot of us struggle with, I think! And often times t…