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Liam is O N E!!!

Well, he went and did it - little Liam, little 8 pound, 5 ounce Liam, turned one year old!!

We had a little party for him this weekend to celebrate. And I made one of those chalkboard posters for him, and it really made me stop and think about these last 365+ days with him.
Liam was born 5 days early. My due date was February 27. He could have been a leap year baby!! How crazy would that have been?!
He was heavy and I carried him low. I had lots of pelvic pain with him. I remember during the last few weeks that I disliked squatting to get things out of the bottom of the fridge because it felt like he was going to fall out!!
My sweet little boy entered this world via c-section, and it was pretty amazing. I was unconscious for Ava's delivery, so this was my second child, but really the first birth I actually got to experience.
And it was love at first sight, for sure!
My sweet little surprise.
Liam is quite the little man! I can't get over just how much he's changed in the la…