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The First "Deployment Post"

It's been such a long week. It started out pretty well, and I remember thinking that by the end of the week I would be feeling much different.

And boy...was I right.

You would think that 4 weeks is enough time to get settled in after a move. Not the case. We moved at a snail's pace some days, because, oh yeah - tiny humans rule the house. We had minor home repairs to do, unpacking, the organizing and then reorganizing that comes with getting settled in a new home, trying hit up all of our favorite spots before Chris left, squeezing in some family time, and of course, catching up with all of our friends and family. There was always something going on, so we never really settled into a feeling of "normal" before it all got uprooted again with Chris's departure. The conversations turned into "oh well - I'll figure that out after you're gone" when it came to crossing things off the to-do list. We were literally still working on things the hours befo…

Liam's Half Birthday!

6 months...half birthday...Liam is growing up fast!!

This has been the craziest month in awhile.

We moved halfway across the country...back home to Kansas!

It was quite the adventure, but overall it went really smoothly, all things considered!

We only lost 1 box and 1 floor lamp. Thankfully there wasn't anything irreplacable in that box, but frustrating nonetheless.

Liam baby is growing leaps and bounds!! In these last few weeks he has become a much stronger sitter, even though he still can't do it independently yet. He likes you to sit on the floor so he can sit between your legs and play!

He's getting around really well! He scoots backwards and rolls and can turn himself on his belly. He is always somewhere different everytime I see him in his crib over the monitor. He prefers to cram himself into the same corner of his crib to sleep! I'm loving all these baby milestones and new things he can do! He can entertain himself a little better and can stay awake longer and.…

The Great Move of 2016


In summary, those are my thoughts on the last 2 weeks.


Ok so not really - we were actually really organized and kept routines to make the kids feel secure during this CRAZY moving experience!!

My poor brain is just worn out from trying to keep up with it all!

Our plans changed like a million times. One thing I've learned with the Army, more specifically PCSing, is that there will always be last-minute changes and you just have to suck it up and figure out a way to proceed that will yield the lowest amount of stress. But stress is inevitable so you know it will still be hard!

Where oh where to begin...

The Georgia side of the move was really organized and we were prepared for the typical PCS experience. The last time we moved, I was 28 weeks pregnant and Ava was about 17 months old so that was super challenging. I was excited to have full range of motion this time but worried about juggling 2 babies during it all! Our moving crew was g…