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Liam Turns the Big 5 (months)!

I'm writing this up a little early because you know, moving.


My brain needs to keep moving forward and tackling things on the to-do list, and this post was one I could type up in a flash and cross off the ever-growing list!!

I don't know why 5 months seems so much older to me than 4 months. It's just another 30 days!

I think it's because I know we are so close to some major milestones and I also know how fast the back end of the first year goes...before I know it, Liam will be a tiny toddler chasing Ava around! What a crazy thought!!

Liam has changed leaps and bounds this month. He's got a really strong core now and wants to sit up when I try to recline him in my lap. He can roll to his belly and has been sleeping on his tummy! He likes to swing his arms around and is getting pretty grabby! He's become a big chatterbox and he just loves to giggle and smile! There is so much drool everywhere and he usually has to wear a bib whi…

Ava Turns Two

My Ava girl isn't a baby anymore.
But I know I will still call her my baby!
It's hard for me to believe that she is two! I still feel like it was just yesterday that she was swaddled in my arms, looking up at me with her big brown eyes.
I feel incredibly lucky to have my goofy, passionate, emotional toddler.
We struggled with years of infertility before I got the positive pregnancy test with her.
My unique, heart-shaped uterus grew her.
During labor, her heart rate kept plummeting, so they broke my water to speed up delivery. There was meconium in the waters and her cord prolapsed, sending us immediately to the OR for an emergency c-section. My epidural broke so I was not able to have a spinal and was put under general anesthetic for her delivery.
I didn't get to hear her first cries. I didn't get to hold her or nurse her until she was 2 hours old because I was waking up in recovery.
Despite all the odds, Ava arrived into this world at 2:28 pm, weighing 7 pounds, 14 o…