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Liam is 4 Months!

Liam is starting to show his little personality! He loves to sit and look at you and chat and smile and giggle! He giggles when you tickle his sides or kiss on his cheeks and neck! I've seen him smile and coo at his toys, and sometimes he just giggles for no reason! He is liking to chew on his fingers and he's starting to hold onto toys and bring them to his mouth. He spends a little time in the jumperoo and he likes his bumbo seat and always enjoys time in the swing. Ava was not a swing baby so this is a nice change! Liam is drooling everywhere and thankfully spitting up doesn't happen nearly as much anymore! The amount of laundry I'm doing has greatly decreased now that there are less blow outs and spit-up rivers! He likes baths and hates tummy time! He is still in 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers, but I'm sure 9 month clothes will be needed soon! He is already 15+ pounds! Strangers who ask how old he is are always shocked when I tell them because he looks so b…

Sometimes I Just Need To Remember

The color yellow.



Picking out rocks from the front yard.

Planting a vegetable garden.

Playing volleyball, croquet, and tetherball in the backyard.

Sun tea on a hot day.

Riding in the back of the car with the windows down on the way to a tree nursery.

Saturday nights of popcorn, oranges, apple slices, and cheese.

Playing outside from sun up to sun down all summer long.

Family walks on the Mill Creek trails.

Watching Star Trek on a Saturday night.

Reading books.

Listening to 90's country and Oldies in the car. And later, Blues and Classical.

Being told not to sing at the table.

Shopping at the old downtown Olathe Walmart and Food 4 Less and Schnuck's.

Minsky's Pizza.

Backyard Burgers.

Fried chicken, burgers, or tuna salad sandwiches on Sundays after church.

Track meets.


Saturday Night Live.

More Cowbell.

Sometimes I just need to remember my childhood.

Sometimes I just need to remember my momma.

Some of these things are beautiful, painful memor…

A 7th Wedding Anniversary

Chris and I have been together for 11 years now, and married for 7 years.
There's been so much change in all these years!
Let's see...we've moved 5 times in 7 years, lived in 3 states, bought 2 cars, been through 4 surgeries, been through 1 long military-related separation and a few short ones, had 2 children, and now we are in the process of buying our first house!
Along the way, we've had so many adventures, good and bad! We've done some traveling, which I've discovered is my favorite thing to spend money on! You can't put a price tag on the memories and experiences you get from taking trips together!
We lean very heavily on each other. That's something that the military brings to the forefront in a marriage - you have to have each others' backs. There are lots of long hours and things that pop up and separations and commitments. They say when you marry a soldier that you are actually "married to the military". We have to have strong co…

What I've Learned (already!) as a Second-Time Mom

The learning curve to becoming a new parent is steep. It was like a shock to my system, if I had to describe it concisely! My first baby is now almost 2 years old, and our newest little bundle just turned 3 months. Yep...I have 2 kids under the age of 2. Fun stuff!! So if you're reading this for some advice, you've come to the right place!

1. Your Parenting "Standards" Will Lower
Take the current bar of expectations and standards in your world of parenting with one child and drop it down. 
Now drop it down much lower than what you just did in your mind. 
There. Just right!!
I quickly learned that survival mode goes on a whole lot longer than just that initial 6 week recovery period after your second baby is born! My parenting style is full of structure and routine. But once you have 2 tiny humans who need you nearly constantly, something's gotta give! 
Ava gets oh-so-much screen time, both the iPad and the tv. I've struggled with this now for 3 months and I…