Monday, February 8, 2016

The Best Baby Registry!

I forgot to share this little tidbit!

If you are expecting a child, you definitely need to do an Amazon registry!

Here are my reasons why:

1. You can add ANYTHING from ANY website.

2. Your shipping information is on the registry and Amazon Prime members can ship to you for free! (Items must be Amazon Prime eligible) This works great for out-of-town friends and family!

3. You receive a completion discount of 15% off a month or two before the expected arrival date (I forget the exact timeline)! This is a one-time use coupon with exclusions, but it works on most items! I stuck some things for Ava on Liam's registry so we could get the discount on a couple things for her, too!

4. I had 3 registries with duplicates items across each one to see which store had better prices. 99% of the time, Amazon has been the same or the cheapest! Our double stroller has been priced at $299 in store, and I found the price fluctuates a bit on Amazon. The green version of the stroller dropped to $189! Stack the 15% discount on it and that's quite a deal!

5. They have a great return policy! So don't sweat it if you need to return something. Amazon has great customer service - we once ordered diapers in the wrong size and they told us to KEEP them and they sent us the correct size! So we ended up with free diapers!

6. I did not know about this for Ava's Amazon registry, but you get a FREE Welcome box full of baby/new mommy samples! I didn't spot this until just a few weeks ago, hidden on the sidebar when I had the registry pulled up. You have to have at least $10 worth of items already purchased off your registry, you'll need to complete the "registry jumpstart" (this is just a guide for what items Amazon suggests you'll need for a new baby, but you DON'T have to actually add them...just check off the item until it says 100% complete <<< this part was a little confusing to me). Lastly, you must be an Amazon Prime member (I'm telling you...the free 2-day shipping is worth it!) and then you can claim your FREE box! Here is a link to the FAQ page for clarification.

This is what we got in our box:

A few brands of baby wash (Johnson & Johnson and Burt's Bees)
A few brands of baby lotion (BabyGanics and Aquafor)
Diaper samples (Seventh Generation, size newborn)
A huuuuge refill of baby wipes
A 4oz. Avent bottle
Nursing pads samples (Avent)
MAM Pacifier
30-Day supply of prenatal vitamins

Pretty cool! I think I would have appreciated it a bit more as a first-time mom, when you have NO idea what products you'll like. But I still plan to use just about all of it! I'll never turn down free diapers and wipes! We have used one diaper for Ava to put on her baby doll, and since we already have an abundance of bottles, Ava also got the bottle to play with as well. These will be her baby things she gets to play with once Liam is born!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I saw the link of FB. My wife and I are making our registries this weekend, so it's quite timely. Amazon was already on our list (used it for wedding too), but I didn't know about the 15% off and welcome box!

    1. You're welcome! Enjoy this time - congrats on the little one coming soon!


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