Saturday, February 13, 2016

38 Weeks: One Week Left

This has been a fast week! It helps that I was out of the house for 3 mornings...even though it exhausts me!

We always go to the commissary on Tuesday mornings - we would do Mondays but they are closed - because we like to start the week out with a full fridge and the weekends are too crowded/shelves are picked over. So because I'm so very pregnant now, with a toddler in tow, commissary runs now take up practically the whole morning! It wasn't until after Ava was well into eating table food that we got into the swing of meal planning. It has really made things sooo much easier! I plan about 3/4 meals for 7 days and that gets us through the week. There's always leftovers and sometimes we will eat out for a meal on the weekends. It makes budgeting super easy too, because we know about how much groceries will cost us per week. I highly recommend meal planning - I usually go to my Pinterest boards for new ideas if I'm tired of our old favorites!

Wednesday is library story hour for Ava! It's actually only half an hour, which is perfect for Ava. A few songs, a few books, and a craft at the end! It was SO COLD on this day - the wind chill was in the 20's! I'm still trying to learn what is "normal" weather for this area! Most of the time we just need long sleeves and a jacket, but the morning lows have required coats and hats lately! Story time was hard for me this time because sitting is just so darn uncomfortable! And there was a lot of up and down with Ava, showing her moves to the songs and keeping her corralled. We almost left early because I just wasn't sure I could make it! Laughing hurts lately - I'm wondering if I've pulled my muscles having big belly laughs at Ava the last few nights - she's been extra silly at bedtime and we both just laugh and laugh in the rocking chair! Love my girl!

Thursday I had a doctors' appointment, and, no surprise...the doctor saw that Liam has lots of hair on the ultrasound!! He's still head down which explains the pressure I feel if I squat for more than 15 seconds! There's not too many ways I can play comfortably with Ava, so I feel thankful she likes when I sit her her rocker in her room and she likes to join me with the footrest up on the couch. I think she'll be with me on the couch a lot after Liam's birth! Reclining couches were seriously the best investment: 2 pregnancies, 2 csection recoveries, and 1 knee realignment recovery!

My kidney ultrasound results came back all clear! I figured that at 30 years old, if I had kidney issues, that something would have come up by now! But I guess the doctor just wanted to be thorough.

I'm moving pretty slow lately. I know the end is near so I may as well enjoy this time I have left! I have to roll over in bed soooo sloooooowly or else I strain a ligament! I sleep on my left side but I often wake up on my back - just how it was last pregnancy, too. My hip sometimes pops when I roll over, but it's deep in my pelvis. I feel it in my upper butt cheek area - I don't like it! It feels weird and sort of unnatural!

Liam's room is finally finished!! The final touch is a mobile I made...which I have yet to string together and hang up. I love how cozy it feels in his room - it's a small room, which I think is what makes it a perfect nursery. The double stroller we ordered came in too...its starting to feel real! I will be a mommy of 2 in about a week!!!

Here is his room!

Same dresser we used for Ava's room.

$9 blackout curtains from Target! And the crib we got is identical to Ava's - what were the odds!

Love the Threshold brand cube organizers from Target! Much more durable. Ava has a 6-cube in her room. Ava's old recliner, and of course you will see the stuffed Jayhawk in here! 

Love this little red hand-me-down chair! 

I made a little spot for Ava to hang out when I'm in here nursing and rocking Liam!

Shelf made by daddy! We never really figured out a good spot for the arrow so it sits here for now!

Letters from Michaels! So happy I found them!

I love all the natural light in this house.

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