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37 Weeks

Ok, things are getting hard.

I can only choose about one major task to do per day. I went to the commissary today and it pretty much wiped me out. AND it just so happened that Chris met me there, so I had help the last half of the trip. I came home and unloaded the car (never getting paper bags again...I could not load up my arms like I usually do with plastic so it took A THOUSAND trips from the car into the house) and had to sit on the couch until it was time to give Ava lunch. I was seriously almost in tears trying to put groceries away and prep Ava's food (thankfully it was just a matter of reheating leftovers and chopping some grapes) and I realized there was nothing for me to grab and eat for lunch, despite just coming home from the store. Ava was done quickly (she was mad the mac and cheese was all gone and didn't want anything else, it was the same story at breakfast except with eggs) and then I got her ready for her nap. She's been kind of a spitfire today so she threw her book so I didn't sit and read that and she wasn't interested in hugs so she went right into her crib. I quickly ordered some pizza because I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. Seriously, I'm about over being pregnant with a toddler!

My whole body hurts. I have a massive watermelon squeezed under my skin. My pelvis is so achy and I waddle pretty bad when I walk because of it. And my back hurts. I want to cry when I drop something on the floor. I have a feeling the amount of Mother Goose Ava gets to watch is going to drastically increase as the amount of cleaning I do drastically decreases! I don't want to moooooooove.

Thankfully I sleep so hard at night. So I'm getting rest - I actually felt really good when I woke up this morning! It's the up and down all day with Ava that's hard. And when nap time rolls around and I have the chance to get a few things done, I can't, because I need to rest up for the afternoon with Ava.

I've talked with a lot of my friends who have a toddler and either just had another baby or are almost there. They've all said the same thing: 1)The second pregnancy was way harder than their first, and 2)The last month was SUPER hard. At least I'm not alone, but its going to be a looooong 3 weeks!

Ava is really starting to show she's ready to begin potty training...and she's trying to scale her crib! WHY AVA???? WHY NOW????? I'm totally ok with getting her ready for these milestones, but just not when I'm so uncomfortable!! I cannot get down on the floor to mess with the whole up and down of pants and sitting on a potty or trying to teach her how to stay in a toddler bed. I really want to hold off on these skills until Liam is a few months old and I've got a grip on life again, but Ava will call the shots, I'm sure! I might just get one of those seats that goes on the potty and use a step stool so I don't have to reach so far down and I can sit on the edge of the tub! There wouldn't really be much change in her bed - her crib is a convertible so it would just be a matter of taking the side off and putting the toddler rail up.

So hard to make these parenting decisions!! I'm really in no rush. Ava's life is about to drastically change so she's going to have to wait on the toddler bed for sure. Sigh...I guess I'll order a potty seat! THANK YOU AMAZON PRIME. Love, 9 month-pregnant-mommy-of-a-toddler-who-can't-get-to-the-store.

Also, for those of you with small children who love grapes, BUY THIS GRAPE CUTTER!!!! For just 10 bucks, you will be a happy camper! In 3 seconds I had a heap of quartered grapes! The blade is super sharp so it was effortless to use and you can use it for cherry tomatoes too! I love it. I got it on Amazon! I think Bed Bath and Beyond carries it too.

I had a check up at the doctor this week. Everything is progressing as it should - I only have 2 more check ups and my pre-op appointment until Liam is here!

We've decided against the tubal litigation. I think the appeal of effortless and hormone-free birth control was clouding my ability to really consider if we were for sure done with having kids. And we still don't know! But that's not important right now. It's too permanent of a decision to make at this point in our lives.

We did a hospital tour since I will be delivering off-post at a hospital we have not been to yet. What a nice labor and delivery floor! Quite the upgrade from Ft. Campbell, for sure! They had smart tv's with cameras for Skype in all the rooms since they serve a large military population. I thought that was a pretty thoughtful upgrade!

Liam got in a really uncomfortable spot the other night. Nothing I did helped. So I gave up and went to bed. He did not move out of that spot for awhile so I couldn't sleep for a bit.

This week I plan to pick up the little things we still need before Liam arrives! The freezer is adequately stocked, and a trip to SAMs is on the to-do list as well. My hospital bag is packed (well, things are in a heap next to the bag...does that count?!) and I'm still hoping that burst of energy will hit so I can do one more wave of cleaning and call it good.

Two. Weeks. To go.

this is crazy!!!


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