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Week 29 - 30: A Georgia Christmas

Week 29 So we are still settling in. We've been here long enough now that it's time to dust and vacuum already, but we still have so much stuff lying around that we have to make a conscious effort to keep working on finding a home for every little thing.

I think I can finally say...there are no more boxes in the house!! I have unpacked the last of it! The decor might not all be up on the walls yet, but the house is definitely feeling more like a home! The crazy part is, is that we do this ALL OVER AGAIN in about 6-7 months.


(that is a sarcastic "yay", by the way)

I've enjoyed this week of finally getting to get in the Christmas spirit and put up the Christmas tree! And a few decorations...but we aren't doing a whole lot this year because honestly it's just more work to put things up...and then to have to take them down in a few weeks! Plus I don't have a whole lot of places for decorations where Ava cannot reach. However, she has real…

Week 28: The Longest, Quickest Week Ever

Ohhh week 28...(well technically it was the week leading up to week 28 and the few days after)
I'm real tired.
I mean that more than I've ever meant it in a pregnancy update post before!
We successfully relocated to Georgia!
It was quite an adventure. An adventure that I hope to never, EVER, have to repeat while pregnant. We survived, but I kept thinking how much easier every little bit would have been if I didn't my have my sweet little 2 pound baby boy in my belly!!
So, here's how the week went!
Sunday night we were so excited for the packers to arrive in the morning. Excited and nervous, I'd say, This was the first time we had someone move us, and I had heard a lot of horror stories. I suppose it's similar to the stories of giving birth - they're all wildly unique, sometimes crazy and scary, but you make it through with a great story to share!

The packers arrived at about 830 and we formulated a plan. They asked us what we wanted packed first, so we told…