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Week 13 - Week 15: The BIG Reveal!

I've decided weekly updates will be kind of boring this time around, so I'll just type a little each week and then publish when I hit some sort of landmark. So this post is Week 13 - Week 15: The BIG Reveal!

13 Weeks It's so odd to me how relaxed I feel so far during this pregnancy. There is definitely a difference in being a "first-time mom", well, first-time pregnant, and the second time around! I don't spend hardly any time googling or obsessing over descriptions of what baby is doing in there each week or reading scary books about delivery. I'm not worried about what the nursery will look like, but that's probably because 1) we don't know the gender yet, and 2) we will be moving once during this pregnancy and then again shortly after baby is born. 
I'm not looking forward to that move next year, because I'll hardly have made it past my 6 week healing time. (all the more reason to move forward with a c-section so baby can arrive a…