Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ziploc Bag Painting

I've been feeling rather disappointed in myself lately that I haven't done more hands-on activities with Ava. I am a preschool teacher after all, and I have an enormous arsenal of ideas for early education! For whatever reason, I just haven't been able to get my butt in gear to plan a few fun activities for my girl! 

Ok, well I am pregnant, so I guess that is a reason! I'm in the midst of 1st trimester exhaustion!

Ava is nearing 13 months so there are still a lot of activities she is still a bit too young for, but there is no reason I can't start introducing new concepts. Babies love to learn new things! And since this weather has been so hot lately, we are both needing something new and fun to do.

For this project, it is 100% MESS-FREE and so, so simple!

The materials you need are:

Paint, any kind, any color (I had just plain ole washable kids paint on hand)
Clear packing tape
1 Ziploc bag, gallon size (I would recommend the durable freezer ones, but regular ones would work fine too)

Start by opening up the bag and squeezing a dollop of each paint in the bag.
(Of course I chose primary colors...I'm a teacher you know)

Seal the bag and tape ALL edges to the floor.
You can also do this on the wall, or a window, or a table!

And then let the toddler go to town!

She used her knuckles for while.

Then she discovered she could use her feet! 
This is a great art activity AND a sensory experiment!

The colors started to blend!

Once she appeared to be losing interest, I transferred it to the window for another perspective for her.
It's so pretty!

Ava was able to scratch a tiny hole in the bag with her fingernail, but I noticed it before much paint squeezed out. Just throw a piece of tape over it and then you can keep painting!

Happy toddler days!

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