Sunday, August 16, 2015

Entering the Second Trimester!

12 weeks...DONE!!

We are 1/3 of the way to meeting our baby!!

And we finally got to see little baby and we got an official due date!

The ultrasound image was of a 9 1/2 weeker, so there wasn't much to see! Still a "little gummy bear" as the doctor called it! And I am due February 27th! 

I was able to ask some questions about my delivery options. I will only have one more appointment with this doctor (if we are even here that long) so she gave me her opinion, but said my next doctor might have something different to say. She recommended letting myself go into labor, and have a c-section scheduled for a week or two past my due date in case labor did not happen. She said it is rare that they advise anyone against laboring, so it would be okay for me to do as well. Of course, this all depends on how baby is presenting; Ava was transverse or breech the whole time until the doctor did an external version to move her. I still feel a little reluctant to labor because even though Ava was head down when I went into labor, her head was not right on top of my cervix, so she still wasn't in the correct position to descend. I was dilating and was 100% effaced, but she was not descending at all so my station never improved. I just worry that I could end up in another emergency c-section situation. I guess I want to avoid going into labor just to have to be cut open again. I dread the recovery of a c-section too. So I guess we will wait and get the opinion of my next doctor and see how I carry this baby.

My doctor wanted me to do an early glucose test due to the fact that I have PCOS. I am at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, so I had my yummy orange drink a few days ago.

I've been feeling more pukey this time around than last pregnancy. I feel the yuckiest in the afternoon/evening, but some days are worse than others. I haven't been sleeping well, either. Maybe it's because I'm starting to stress about our move. Chris says he thinks it must be a boy since this baby is giving me all this "trouble" already!

We really want to do a 4D Ultrasound to determine gender in a few weeks! That will depend on the moving situation. Will we be here, or will we be there?! We don't even know at this point.

This move could be quite interesting. Let me break it down for you. Chris has a career course date starting at the end of October. However, he has to be promoted to a Captain before he can start this course. The promotion list is extra late this year, and he cannot request orders until that list comes out (we are assuming he will make Captain; there's no reason he wouldn't). So, as we are just sitting and waiting for this darn promotion list, we are getting less and less time to clear post and move and get settled at Ft. Gordon before career course starts. And since we plan to hire movers, there's not a whole lot to do except for sort and organize, purge and clean. Unless we get down to October and we are still here - then we might have to do a DITY. I don't even want to think about that! Otherwise the next available course date isn't until spring and we don't want to push back the timeline that far.

Anyway, I sometimes use a hair band to keep my pants buttoned. It's working for now, but that trick didn't last long with Ava.

I still love and hate food. Sometimes macaroni and cheese makes me want to hurl. And then the next day I can eat a whole bowl. And still no broccoli for me, please!!

I swear I have felt some baby movements already! I wouldn't know for sure if these were baby kicks if I hadn't already felt them before! I've felt a few small, but strong flutters here in the last week or so! The first time I felt Ava move was at her 4D Ultrasound at about 16 weeks and I could see her move on the giant screen and really focus on what I was feeling in my belly. It was helpful for me as a first-time mom to put the two together to help me realize those flutters were in fact Ava kicking and squirming! So it's a little early to feel movement, but I know it's little baby that I'm feeling!

Sometimes I wonder if this could be my last pregnancy. We are still on the fence about how many kids we want (2 or 3), and while there is no rush to decide, I can't help but remind myself that it is possible that this may be the last one for us. So I will be sure to cherish each day of this pregnancy and savor the memories and this precious time of carrying a life inside me.

We have already gotten little baby a crib! We don't want a new baby to be the reason to rush Ava into a toddler bed (plus her crib is a convertible crib we plan to use as a toddler bed), so we got a second crib. Fortunately, we won't need too much for this baby beyond what we already have! Just upgrading the stroller to a double and a few other things and we are set! It is a very different feeling this time around as far as "readiness" goes. Just gimme some newborn diapers and a few onesies (if it's a boy...poor guy will be nakey without boy clothes!) and I'll feel set!!

Anyone out there have their toddler and and infant share a room? Pros? Cons? It would be nice to have them share so we can still have a guest room AND an office in our house,  but I just wonder about those nighttime wakings/mismatched nap schedules and how that would affect Ava's ability to sleep. I hear it can be done!

I guess I'll throw in some Ava updates with these pregnancy updates, too.

What's New:
*Cutting tooth #8!
*Has skipped her morning nap a time or two...Ohmygosh WHY AVA???
*Looking at our family picture on the wall and saying "hi daddy" and waving at him! I love when she does this!!

Favorite Activities:
*Walking, walking, walking!
*Running! She loves to chase or be chased.
*Wearing her backpack.
*Crawling up the stairs.
*Eating - she's been getting to try more "treats" lately!
*Playing with daddy's phone...mommy doesn't share hers!
*Being tossed in the air!
*Reading books, with mommy or daddy, by herself, or with Duke - so cute! She sits with him on his bed and "reads" aloud to him!
*Pushing buttons on her toys
*Dancing to music (swaying back and forth or bouncing up and down)
*Bouncing on beds!

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