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Do I Really Have A One-Year-Old?!

I feel like someone has turned a page into a new chapter in my book of being a mother. Chris and I were talking after we got home from our Kansas trip and we both agree that Ava seems to know that she is a 1 year-old. She just acts bigger! 

She learned how to say "cracker". It just sounds like "kkkkkkkkkkkk" at the back of her throat! She's pretty impressed with herself when she says it!

She walks everywhere! She has really become a walking expert and doesn't even crawl at all anymore. She also doesn't want anyone to hold her hand while she walks. She's very into the "me do it" phase with walking!

She just acts like a such a big girl!

It's almost as if the universe knew she turned one and now all these changes are happening. It makes me so happy to see her loving life and learning new things each day. I love all the communicating she can do - she finally signed "more" a few weeks ago and I love when she does it!

I am trying to figure out how in the world I am going to store all this baby stuff she outgrew - her car seat and base, bibs, blankets, clothes, toys, bottles, burp cloths...and then to find places for all of her toddler toys! I am switching out things in her room to make space for all her big kid stuff!

I have begun the weaning process and it is going well so far! She only gets nursed first thing in the morning and then she gets a cup of milk at each meal. I've never really nursed on demand (except for when she was tiny, of course) nor have I nursed for comfort, so it's not really been an issue for either of us! I haven't really experienced any engorgement now that I go 24 hours between nursing sessions, which I was a little worried about. I plan to remove her final nursing session next week! I am having a little bit of mixed emotions about it. Although I am looking forward to the freedom of a weaned baby, I am also feeling a bit sad, like this is the "final step" that signifies Ava is no longer a baby. I can tell she's ready; her morning session is super short and when she's done, she sits up and is ready to get off my lap and play. Ava has always been more of a cold-turkey kind of girl when it comes to transitions and schedule changes. It only takes her a day or two to adapt.

Her birthday party was so fun! Super busy for momma, but Ava enjoyed all that was going on! She was a little slow with the whole "cake smashing" concept - she was intrigued by the star marshmallows and wanted to eat all those instead of get all messy in the cake. She wasn't a fan of having frosting stuck to her hands and she kept trying to shake it off. Finally daddy took a fork and scraped some of the frosting away to expose the cake inside, and then she went to town! She ate cake for a few minutes and then signed "all done" and we got her cleaned up for opening gifts!

Ava was pooped. I could see it in her face that all the excitement was wearing on her! We opened her gifts quickly while she sat in a wagon and we'd show her all the new things she got. The party was still going on strong but we knew Ava was going to get feisty as it was already an hour passed her bedtime, and she still needed a bath. She said her goodbyes to everyone and was bathed and put to bed. She slept in the next morning!

Ava did phenomenal on the way home. She really didn't fuss much at all. Her naps were only 30 minutes, of course. Too much excitement for her to sleep long. We stopped for lunch at an Air Force Base on the way home. We were hoping to find a park but we settled on a shady patch of grass near the commissary instead. We fueled up and hit the road again! Ava did so well on this trip - this was by far the most successful trip with Ava that we have taken!

We are going to Vegas in a few weeks...and I am little worried about the super early flight out there and the 2 hour time difference. I'm trying not to stress about it because ultimately Ava will be the one deciding when she is going to sleep. I wonder how she'll do?! It might just be a few days of crazy, but that's ok...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


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