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A Mommy in a 2-Piece

So I've been thinking a lot lately.

About "swim suit season".

And this new "mom body" that I have.

Has anybody else been thinking about this?!

Grab your 2nd cup of coffee, surround your kid(s) with all the toys they have, and attempt to sneak away to reflect with me for a few minutes.

I delivered Ava 9 months ago. On paper, 9 months seems like such a long time! But the reality is, is that it has flown by faster than I ever thought it would! I had planned on getting into a workout routine once I was feeling normal (hahaha normal...what is that?!) so that I could lose all my gained weight during pregnancy and get some muscle tone back.

Well, that didn't pan out like I had hoped.

Most of my weight simply fell off. I think I sweated and peed half of the weight off in the first week! But now I still have this extra 10 pounds on me with my muscles buried somewhere underneath.


And it really frustrates and annoys me.

But why??

Why does 10 pounds have to be such a bad thing?
Why do stretch marks have to be a bad thing?
Why does it matter if there's cellulite on my legs?

Because "other people" will judge?
Because "other people" say you're supposed to get back in to shape within that first year of having a baby?
Because "other people" say you aren't supposed to have imperfections?

The source of my frustration and annoyance was not actually me, it was everybody else.

Why should I care what you think of me?

I am proud of this body.

I am still in disbelief that I grew a baby for 9+ months, that she was cut from my belly, and that my body continued on like nothing happened.

That's pretty miraculous!

I've been feeling the pressure lately to be fit. Ava turned 9 months and I found myself looking at my body and realizing this is not where I thought I'd be at this point.

My 2-piece swim suit I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday, and I love it...but I have extras hanging out where I'd rather they didn't. 

My thighs.
My tummy.
My back.
My arms.

I feel like the change in the weather is saying "oh's time..."

I was all set to join the YMCA to do spin class several times a week and put Ava in the childcare there. Welllllll, that YMCA is going broke so they are closing. I was so disappointed!! I had gotten myself all pumped up and I was mentally ready to drop Ava off with strangers for the first time and get fit and do something for ME.

I was feeling more discouraged than ever!

And then I realized, no one can change this body but me.
If I don't like what I see in the mirror, then it's time to work on it.
I have to decide to make a change.

I have a jogging stroller, and Ava loves to be outside.

I bought new running shoes and downloaded a jogging app.

There are no more excuses.

I doubt that by the time we go swimming for the first time that my body will look the way I want it to in my mind.

But I'm realizing that's not what's important.

Overall health is what is!

Eat well. 
Exercise to be healthy, not to be a size 2 when that is nowhere near your current size.
Be realistic with your goals!

I'm not going to worry about what others are thinking when they see me in a 2 piece.
Because, quite honestly, those who are judging you are people you wouldn't want to be friends with anyway.
Wear your 2 piece with confidence as your accessory!
We are not supermodels; we are normal people who carried babies.

There's no way I'm wearing a 1-piece swim suit.
I shouldn't have to.

When I wear my 2-piece, I hope that I inspire another mom to wear hers proudly, too. I'm not going to waste my time worrying about who is looking at me or what they are thinking. I am going to swim with my family and have a good time doing it, thank you very much!

So go ahead and look at my cellulite, stretch marks, and tummy flab.

Because I'm not.


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