Saturday, September 6, 2014

2 Months!

So I'm 2 months into this mommy gig.

And I love it! :)

Of course every day comes with challenges. But the smiles, coos, and faces I get from miss baby make all the struggles worth it!

Here's what Ava is up to at 2 months old:

-sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches between feedings at night; she will randomly sleep an 8 hour stretch (as in, has only done that 2 or 3 times in her life)

-her naps are 45 minutes to an hour long (or longer if she's being held or she fell asleep in the car seat during a long car ride)

-she sleeps in her crib every night in a tight swaddle

-she always wakes with a big ole smile when she sees you!

-she self-soothes/shows she's tired by turning her head side to side, giving her awesome bed head!

-she giggles in her sleep...I'm dying for her to do this when she's awake!!

-she prefers to be held upright when she's awake and bears weight on her legs! She loves to stand (assisted, of course) and talk face to face with you!

-she discovered her hair and (fortunately) has only pulled it once...and it made her cry!

-she has rolled onto her side...twice!

-she's got pretty dang good head control for such a tiny gal...I've already put her in the bumbo seat a few times (with my hands at the ready, of course)!

-overall she's really not a fussy baby...she only cries when she is really needing something. And in the evenings she will randomly fuss. We are still figuring that out!

-she still isn't super fond of her swing or being worn...this child doesn't really like being restrained! She loves to stretch out and kick, and she has from the very beginning!

-she talks...a lot! And lately it's been very loud - she does this shouting thing when she is all done with an activity and is ready to be picked up! She has really been finding her voice. 

Ava is quite the firecracker that we knew she would be! She has quite a few strong preferences and her little personality has been evident from the beginning.


And of course, I wrote this up before Ava's last 48 hours of fussiness. She's had a great day today...and man, do I appreciate her "normal" days much more! I will gladly take her 30 to 45 minute naps and resistance to things that make my life easier instead of her refusing to eat business!

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