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The Other Side of the Tunnel

I feel like a different person now.

I feel like an actual human!!

I think the real turning point was right at the start of the fourth week, right as I was posting my last post. 

Ava doesn't wake up as often at night. She will go 4-6 hour stretches between feedings.Of course that doesn't mean that's the number of hours I'm sleeping because time between feedings starts from when the feeding starts, not when she's done, so part of that time I'm changing her, nursing her, and then rocking her back to sleep. But at least I get to sleep in bed! That has made ALL the difference. Before she got good at sleeping in her rock and play next to the bed, I had to sleep while holding her in the recliner. All I wanted to do was lay down flat. For awhile I had to put a pillow under my feet in bed because it pulled too much on my incision. Then that got better and I was gradually able to sleep on my side with the help of my pregnancy pillow for support. 

TMI alert: I also feel more normal because things are back to normal "down there". I didn't have too much heavy bleeding because with a c section you get suctioned out a bit before they close you up. Who enjoys bleeding for a whole month...and using pads the size of boats?! 

Ava and I are in the zone with breastfeeding. She gets the latch right 99% of the time. Everything has healed up and there's finally no more pain! We really rounded the corner when I realized we had the most success while in the recliner in her room. On the couch I'm thinking she wasn't getting propped up high enough, causing her to have a poor latch. I think she recognizes when we go upstairs in her room - her breathing quickens and she will often smile while I'm getting things ready! I'm getting in a routine with pumping so we have a stash in the freezer. 

I feel like things in the house have a nice rhythm now! I am sorta trying to get her on a schedule by following the eat-play-sleep rhythm. And it's working! She's not as tricky to get to sleep because of the routine and she's starting to know the swaddle means nap time! She's beginning to show signs that she can put herself to sleep without constant rocking. She's been changing so fast in these last 10 days or so!

My incision does not hurt anymore! It was almost as if I woke up one day and it didn't bother me. It's still tender if it's pressed on, but at least I can finally prop Ava up in my lap to hold her and burp her. I'm hoping that soon I can wear regular waistband bottoms on my hips. I don't have many wardrobe options that mind my incision AND are breastfeeding friendly. I am still sporting a little more than half of my tapes - only a few have come off the incision so I can peel them off. 

I'm boxing up my maternity clothes. Such a weird feeling...I truly enjoyed pregnancy and I'm finding I'm kinda bummed it's over! Although it is nice to see and reach my toes again, to put my wedding ring back on (it's gonna be snug getting it back off!), and to fit in more than just my one pair of flip flops!


I started this post like a week or two ago. And I haven't even been able to get back to it until now! I'm happy to report that I'm feeling really good, and despite the jiggly absence of my lower abs, I pretty much feel like I never had a csection at all! I gained 47 pounds during my pregnancy, and I've lost 40 pounds in 7 weeks!! However, I only fit in two pairs of my jeans, so I clearly have some work to do! I am anxious for this weather to cool it's jets so Ava and I can get to walking!

Until next time!

(Whenever that may be!)


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