Tuesday, June 10, 2014

36.4 Weeks

I'm doing a quick mid-week update because this is too exciting to wait to share...

Ava is head down!!!

I had a doctor's appointment this morning with a different doctor than my usual (mine had no availability), and of course, Ava was sideways, per her usual. The doctor could tell just by looking at my belly. She brought in the ultrasound machine to confirm it. Then she asked if I would mind if she pressed on my belly a bit. So she started pushing down on Ava's head and up on her frog legs, and then checked her position on the screen. Her head was almost where it needed to be! So she asked if she could press on her again, and of course I said yes. She manipulated her some more, and sure enough, she was head down on the ultrasound!!

She then wanted me to do a Non-Stress Test to see how Ava was tolerating that position. So I got to recline in a chair with some monitors on my belly for about 20 minutes, and after that was done, an ultrasound was done again to check on my fluid level. It was within the normal range (on the upper end of normal, so she has plenty of fluids in there). And, she remained head down!

So as of right now, my c-section is still on the schedule in case it will still be needed. But if Ava remains head down, her guaranteed arrival date is off the table and she can come whenever I go into labor!

Sitting here typing this, I kind of feel like she has already moved back, but I didn't really have much more than an hour to see what it felt like to have her body head down. And of course, without seeing it on a screen, I can't know for sure. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday anyway, so I guess we will wait and see!!

I think Ava is trying to be just like the Army...unpredictable! You make plans, and then you have to suddenly scrap them all! 

Keep your fingers crossed that she will stay head down!!

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