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33 Weeks

33 weeks...that puts the countdown at 6 weeks, 6 days.

Well, not exactly...!!!!

I had my ultrasound and 32 week appointment this week.

The ultrasound revealed her amazing growth! She went from being in the 45th percentile at my 20 week scan, to the 53rd percentile at 28 weeks,, to the 63rd percentile at 32 weeks! She's doing great!! That dang kidney of hers is still slightly inflamed, but my doctor said it's barely noticeable, but still present. It has improved!

And...Ava is now breech.

So we talked a bit about her position and both of us think the likelihood of her turning for delivery is slim. It's possible, but not likely considering the fact that I have a bicornuate uterus, she has been in one (transverse) position the whole time, and now she is breech. So I was asking if a c-section for me would be done at the full 40 weeks, and she said we would schedule at 39.

So the next thing I knew, we were scheduling her c-section!

My doctor was totally fine with booking the OR for me; I'm thinking its because there are SO MANY deliveries at this hospital that things can get booked up pretty quickly. She wanted to make sure we got the date we wanted. And she told me that she is on that day, so she would be the one to deliver baby Ava! We were both pretty excited for that!

So, June 27th will be her debut unless I go into labor earlier, or she decides to move to head down, in which case, we would go for a vaginal delivery! So no 4th of July baby for us. But that's okay with me!!

So the countdown is now at 5 weeks, 6 days.


Suddenly I feel like I have so much to do!!!

(I really don't.)

It's just that feeling of oh my gosh only 6 more weeks until our lives are forever changed!!

I will continue to have growth scans; my doctor still wants to monitor her growth closely. I'm thinking it will be more important to watch as we get closer to term and she should be growing at a faster rate, and room for her may be more of an issue.

I found an image on a website that seems to show exactly how Ava has been laying lately. It's not my image to share, so I will just provide the link. <----- Don't bother reading the article that goes along with it about a bicornuate uterus; it is a perfect example of how the internet can scare you to death. Anyway, Ava is laying pretty much the same way the baby in the picture is laying, but the placenta is right in the middle. 

It was a pretty busy week with both appointments and a breastfeeding class. I had places to go each day of the week.

Me and Dukie got some sun in the past week.

He prefers to lay half under my lounge chair.

I have always been a leg-crosser when I sit. I can no longer do that! Now I have to sit with my knees apart a little bit so my belly has more room. Not very lady like! I dislike sitting upright. I prefer a slight recline.

I'm really uncomfortable by the end of the day. Getting comfortable in bed is getting more difficult, too, with her growing like a weed in there. Her head is on my left side, which is the same side I lay on. So that's not always so comfortable for either one of us. I can feel her feet press into my ribs more consistently, along with her hands, and sometimes I can feel pressure on the sides of my hips. She is really filling out my torso now!

I got my hands on some watermelon. And a lot of other fruit, too!

Here's my Ava baby pushing her legs forward and making me lopsided. (My finger is on my belly button.)

I get Braxton Hicks contractions a couple of times per day. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about unless they are consistent and happen multiple times within an hour. My belly tightens, my ears get hot, and sometimes it feels like it takes my breath away and I feel my heart beat quicken. I may even get a mild hot flash. Sometimes with a BH I won't feel the tightening, but I'll feel everything else. It is very bizarre!

Here's your random fact for the day... did all y'all iPhone users know that if you open your calculator and turn your phone to the side that THIS pops up?! I didn't know about this until this week!!

Not that I will ever need these buttons.

I just open up the calculator so I can figure out how much each diaper costs in a pack to find the best deal.

Anyway, we got her car seat! And we installed it in the car, complete with a mirror to keep an eye on her. All that's left are some final touches to her nursery, packing my hospital bag, taking care of some last minute projects around the house, and trying not to go crazy!!

Here's her latest profile!

And here's my latest profile!

I can't believe she'll be here in 6 weeks (or less)!!


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