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26 Weeks that right?!
I feel like time is going by very fast!!
I think Ava had a growth spurt this week. I feel like my belly grew a lot in 7 days.
I'm definitely feeling more round - its really a challenge to get off the couch! We are starting to take my car around town for errands since it isn't as low to the ground as Chris'. For the first time, my belly made it difficult for me to get comfortable and fall asleep last night.
Ava's whole body no longer fits in one ultrasound image! I went in yesterday for a growth scan, and while it still has to go to the doctor to read, and then I won't hear the results until my 28 week appointment, I can tell she is growing just fine!

Just look at that profile. :) 
She was opening and closing her mouth and sticking her tongue out. The ultrasound tech said she was probably swallowing the amniotic fluid and letting her body practice what it will do when she is in the outside world. She was very active during this ultrasound and k…

25 Weeks

25 weeks and still doing great!
I've maintained my vegetable obsession. I am eating a lot of salads! I also could probably eat my body weight in french fries and ketchup. Fortunately, I don't indulge in this semi-constant craving very often.
And I can't wait for WATERMELON to be in season! I'm too cheap to buy it now when it's still pretty pricey!
I am usually eating every 3-4 hours. I've moved past those normal/large sized meals and now I pretty much just eat small meals all day if I am at home. Especially after eating a salad - it doesn't stick with me for very long!
I like how I started this post by talking about food. :)
Now that the weather has kind of turned a corner and daytime highs are much nicer, I *try* to go on a walk almost every day. Duke gets to come with me once in awhile. The last time I took him with me, he saw a squirrel and tried to take off running, jerking me to the left. Fortunately, I always have his leash wrapped through and around…

24 Weeks

I made it to 24 weeks!! It's a very exciting day for me personally - it's viability day! Heaven forbid, if Ava was born today, she would have a 50/50 chance of survival. Of course, I want better than that, but for whatever reason, week 24 in pregnancy has been on my mind since the beginning. I was so worried that this pregnancy would be "flawed" due to the way it started out and my bleeding at 6.5 weeks. But Ava has proven me wrong, and I'm so glad for it!
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It was the first one after the anatomy scan. At 20 weeks, Ava was measuring in the 45th percentile overall for size. She weighed 300 and some odd grams (I forget now how many she said), which puts her at just under a pound. So now that it's 4 weeks later, I'm sure she's over a pound now! The doctor said everything looked good in her scan. She did say that Ava does have some inflammation in one of her kidneys, but my doctor said it's nothing to worry a…

23 Weeks

Hey, I'm actually posting this on time this week! 
Maybe it's because I've been awake since 5 this morning. 
For no good reason. 
(But I did wake up thinking about a big, juicy cheeseburger. And a cup of coffee.)
And what a looooong week it's been!
We got a sleet storm of about 4 inches of accumulation followed by another inch or two of snow on Sunday night. The sleet froze into ice, basically paralyzingly the area. 
I don't think the streets had been pretreated, although I saw trucks putting down liquid de-icer about a week before the sleet came through. 
And because this area is not accustomed or prepared for such weather, everything shut down. 
All of post was shut down- not even Burger King was open. 
And even the mall closed. It takes a lot for the whole mall to close. 
And I don't know what else because I didn't leave the house until last night. 
I heard there were lots and lots of accidents. Not a whole lot of 4-wheel drive vehicles or experienced s…

Wordless Wednesday (a day late): Puppy + Snow + Tennis Ball = BEST DAY EVER

I haven't done one of these posts in a long time, but this is a good one! 
There are a lot of photos in this one. 
Sorry. Not sorry.
Duke has only been in snow a few times, and each time he realizes it is more fun than the time before. 
This time, we had enough snow (actually it was mostly sleet) to bury his toys with just a tiny bit showing. 
He dug up a tennis ball and had a grand ole time with it!
There is a huge mound of snow in the high school parking lot behind the pine tree. Snow like that in this area is practically unheard of, so post was shut down for 2 days and the hubby had 3 days off of work. "So I found my tennis ball..." "...and it's all wet!" "I think I'll get it!" "It won't stay put!" "Come back here!" I called him over. He was leaping. This is the start of the "flip book" photos. Scroll down with the down arrow key for maximum effect!