Monday, February 24, 2014

21 Weeks

Another week down! I feel like these weeks are going by super fast. I knew February was going to be gone before I knew it - just a few more days and it will be March!

And then it will be May. 

And then it will be June. 

And then Ava will be here!!

Here's a great picture for ya:

I kept forgetting to take my 21 week photo. So this was last night.

At 10:30.

When I was very tired

And should have been in bed over an hour ago.

And the lighting was bad.

Oh well; that's life.

Anywho, I am now going to stand in front of her crib because the rest of her room is a complete mess.

But I am very thankful to those who helped this room become a mess!

I had 2 baby showers at home last weekend and Ava got a lot of very special things!

Now we just need to get her some furniture so we have a place to put it all!

This week I have really begun to notice that it is more difficult to get up off the couch, to get out of Chris' car, and I can't bend over to put on shoes as effortlessly. Chris likes to make fun of me because I make a lot more noise when getting up or sitting down. A lot of times I don't realize that I am "grunting" just takes more work than it used to! 

I read on my pregnancy app that baby will begin putting fat on her little body starting this next week; right now her skin is transparent and all her organs are visible through the skin! So I know from this point forward my belly will become rounder much quicker! So far I have gained 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, so I think I am right on track.

I went in for Ava's anatomy scan in which an ultrasound is done to see and measure her organs and body. She was curled up and was making it difficult for the ultrasound tech to see what she needed to see, so it took about 45 minutes and a few trips to the bathroom to empty a bit more of my bladder to get her to move and have better visibility. She was not happy when the ultrasound tech was running the probe over her little head - I think she was punching me! I can consistently feel her head with my hand when I lay down flat; it always seems to be just to the left of my belly button, so I'm sure she could feel the pressure of the probe.

Ava sure does like to kick. And punch. Or whatever she's doing in there! I feel her move a lot during the day. I can usually count on her to move when I lean forward for too long, when I first lay down, and right after I eat.

This might be my first week of boredom since quitting my job - there's not much on the schedule! And I'm at a standstill in Ava's room; without furniture there's not much I can do. No appointments, no events...just cleaning house, I guess. The hubby is out of town until Thursday, so me and the animals shall bond! How about I bond with this baby:

What. A. Face.

2 weeks ago we had his foot wrapped because he broke a nail.

Well, he ate that wrap.

And he finally vomited it out!

I had never been so happy to see disgusting vomit in my life.

Fortunately he did it outside.

And there was no doubt that the wrap was in the vomit - the wrap was blue, so it was pretty obvious.

His belly can't have felt good with that in there for two weeks!

What a little dummy.

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