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18 Weeks

I can't believe it's February already!!

I'm 18 weeks and the baby is approximately the size of a mango.

A kicking mango! She likes to kick a lot. Sometimes I have to really be focused to feel it; the other day she gave a pretty strong kick for being just 5 inches long! I feel her right at the waistband on my non-maternity pants.

(Would you like my chevron cardi? Check it out here on maurices' website!)

Is it just me, or does 18 seem like a very big number?! I am approaching the halfway mark!

That is kinda scary!

I was at the PX the other day, and I was wandering around and realized I haven't bought anything for baby Ava yet. Ok, so we bought a few KU onsies, but that was before we knew she was a girl. So I thought I'd let myself pick up a few things.

I about lost it when I saw this in size newborn:

Is that not THE CUTEST THING you have ever seen?!?!?!

I had to have looked like a fool to anyone walking by; I'm sure I had a huge dorky smile on my face and I probably stared at it for a good 30 seconds, just trying to imagine what Ava will look like in it.

I did some shopping for nursery decorations today with a friend, and I found some great stuff! The colors for the room are going to be mostly white and gray and a bold pink with pops of turquoise. We are not going to paint her room, so the walls will be white. I don't want to put forth the effort just to have to paint it back if the next family doesn't "accept" it (reason number 29 why this is the first and last time we will live on post). So I knew the decorations would have to be colorful to make up for that.

Here are my finds! I did pretty well; I was keeping a running total in my head and I got all this for just over $100:

I actually got 3 bins - there's another small one nesting inside the bottom one. The turquoise and white chevron rug is folded up - only a quarter of it is showing. The wrought iron support brackets will be for shelves for the wall. I got the idea from pinterest! And I got almost all of it on sale!

Hobby Lobby - the letters, wrought iron brackets, and the pink and gray art (which I actually got an extra discount because it has a giant scratch across the middle of it). Everything I bought from here was 50% off!

Kirklands - (my first time in this store; I was making quite a scene!) the 3 nesting bins (only 2 pictured) and the pink and turquoise frames. The most expensive thing was just over $7. Loved this store!! I think there was actually something I forgot, so I may have to go back and get it!

TJMaxx - the 3 white and burlap frames with hooks (I also got a discount on those for a noticeable scratch) and the chevron rug. Believe it or not, this was the store with the most expensive items. The rug was $20 and the frames were $15. Oh well. I love them! There was a really big area rug in gray and white chevron that was sitting behind the counter, but it was on hold. And it was probably more that I would want to spend anyway. 

But I still might have to check back in a day or two to see if it got put back! ;)

Not much has changed with me since last week. Chris and I both agree that I have really popped! I need to get him to help me take belly photos again - I don't feel like my selfies are really cutting it!

We have our second 4D appointment on Tuesday to try again to get some images of baby A's face - she wasn't really cooperating last time.

I can kind of feel my sweet tooth trying to make a comeback. I caught myself getting into the chocolate chips in the back of the pantry! I can feel that I am getting a little more emotional than my typically even-keel self. But maybe it's just circumstantial; I can't really tell.

I am anxious for our tax refund - we are in the market for a sectional and ottoman! We are ready to upgrade our starter living room furniture! We really want one with a chaise on one end and a nice cushy ottoman to use as a footrest/coffee table. Hopefully we can find one that has easy to clean fabric, is a tolerable color, and is a decent price! We are also hoping to find a swivel recliner/nice sleeping chair for the baby room. If anyone knows of a great furniture store in the Nashville area with free delivery, please let me know! :) We got spoiled with Nebraska Furniture Mart, and now we must live without!

I am excited for my upcoming showers, even though they are a bit early, it's the best time for me to travel home and the ONLY weekend Chris could come with me. The Army really puts a wrench in your plans! February is going to be a busy month!


  1. We LOVE our chair from NFM. They deliver there don't they? I didn't know if I wanted something cute that didn't rock or something that rocked. We went with something that rocked- SO GLAD. Huge life saver! We read in it and rock her to sleep in it, but we have never had to actually spend large amounts of time in it sleeping ourselves because she won't sleep. Praise God

    1. NFM does deliver, but not all the way out to us unless we want to pay $500. So bummed! They have such a good selection! I am really set on a recliner so I can do some upright sleeping incase I need it in the 3rd trimester or if I end up having a c-section.

  2. (I got cut off!). Your decorations are SO cute. Cannot wait to see it all come together!


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