Saturday, January 25, 2014

17 Weeks

Well, here I am!

It is really hard to take these selfies. I feel like it will be easier to capture my belly once I am a little bit bigger. It is a talent to get the belly at the right angle, to figure out what to do with my arm, and to have a semi natural-looking smile. This was like photo number 6.

We did a 4D ultrasound a few days ago to determine gender! I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on an "extra" ultrasound, but we got a good deal, and it was such a neat experience! I'm glad we decided to do it. 

The room was dimly lit and had big couches in it for friends and family - you could have a party in there! The images were up on the projector screen, so you didn't miss a single movement. We spent about 15 minutes watching our baby on the screen, some 2D images, and some 3D. 

At first, the baby had its legs crossed, so the ultrasound tech wasn't sure she would be able to determine gender. But baby eventually moved, so she was able to tell! And she said she was 150% sure!

Here's a little secret...we debated for about a week on wether or not we wanted to know the gender at the appointment or be surprised at our gender reveal party. We decided at the last minute that we just had to know - this experience and this baby are just too special to wait. Why wait?!

The ultrasound tech had me bounce on a yoga ball to see if we could get the baby to rotate in order to get some 3D images of the baby's face. So far all we could see was a side and back view of the baby. She had me lay back on the table and press on the side of my belly to see if that would help. Baby was making us laugh; the baby was upside down on its head, with legs outstretched! When I would press on my belly, we could see baby kick back on the screen!

I had not felt any kicks up until this point, but seeing the baby move on the screen helped me to know what I was feeling. I could feel little tiny flutters when the baby would kick back! I have enjoyed feeling baby kick, now that I know that its the baby and not just my stomach or gas moving around! The other night I had my hand over my lower belly when I was in bed, and I could feel the kick on the outside! But I had to focus in order to feel it; it's not very obvious yet!

After the ultrasound, we went to a pizza place next door and had lunch and talked about our little baby. I felt really, really happy. Content. And smiley! I was very glad we decided to find out the gender - it was nice that just the two of us could share it. I can't wait for our gender reveal party on Sunday...then the whole world will know!

I have definitely been more tired lately; as usual, I'm getting nothing done. I'm starting to have lower back aches and I get tired doing simple chores. 

I'm still eating whatever, although I realize I lost my obsession with breakfast. I used to make fried egg sandwiches, scrambled eggs and toast, and things like that, and now I don't feel like it. Maybe because it makes me tired just thinking about having to make it? Probably!

Still no progress with the nursery. Well, that's not entirely true. 

I finally put the Christmas decoration boxes away that were in there.

I went through our Christmas gifts.

I sorted through some maternity clothes...there's a lot!

And, I've decided the color scheme for the nursery, and I intend to go crazy adding things to our registry after the party! 

So...what do you think? Boy or girl?!

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