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Easy-Peasy Pumpkin Decorating

I sure haven't gotten around to doing much decorating for the Fall. I'm feeling sort of "Bah-humbug" about Halloween this year.

I did buy some pumpkins. 

And then I put them outside the garage door. 

And that is about all the effort I have put forth so far. 
Last year I was inspired to do some creative chevron painting on my pumpkins and use decorative ribbons. For whatever reason, this year I've been so lazy and wanted something with less effort required. 
Is that bad of me?!
I got my act together today and put some spider web on my now dead bushes in the front of the house (yeah I managed to kill those - I did not consider how much the dirt would settle and the top two inches of the roots became exposed. Lesson learned!). I also put some up on the brick wall by the garage. That stuff sticks perfectly to the texture of the brick! 
Then I put my pumpkins by the door. I had a few pairs of black textured tights, so I put one leg of the tights onto the pumpkin. And..…

A New Approach to Old Chores

Is it just me, or is there always a never-ending list of things to do around the house? No matter what I do, I can't seem to ever get to the point on the list of chores where I can plop down on the couch and say, "There. It's ALL done."
In fact, I've already plopped down on the couch, and now I can't get up and get motivated to do anything. 
I've heard the quote
"Life's too short to spend it cleaning". 
And I agree.
But I've also heard the quote,

"Work hard, play hard".
I agree with that, too. 
It's a tough balance between the two. 
I'm most productive on busy days, but I'm often ready to just relax after work. And on my days off, I have a hard time getting started on my incredibly long to-do list. And the weekends are no better! My husband and I both have what I lovingly call "the hidden lazy gene" in which we are both great at our jobs, but put us together at home and NOTHING gets done. If one of us is rel…