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Does Your Vacuum Suck?

Yes, this post is really going to be about vacuums

We got our first vacuum as a wedding gift off our registry. It was just over $100, and I was surprised we got it because I thought it cost so much! I was very excited. 

For a vacuum of my own.

Something about having things for your own place is very exciting to a female, even if it is a vacuum. Or a blender. I think that long-standing "insult" of gifting your wife a domestic tool is not that terrible. If it's an awesome blender, and it will make my life easier, I'll probably love it! Go ahead, get me that new washer-dryer duo. I won't complain!

Anywho, the vacuum was great!

Until it wasn't. 

Not the highest quality, and it failed to suck well. 

Having multiple cats, dirty Army boots, and now a new puppy made suction very important.

My vacuum was starting to run weird. And was abnormally LOUD. I was trying to decide whether or not to invest in repairing the thing, or to just buy a new one. I must say, I am trying very hard not to be a part of this generation that just throws out things because they are broken and could be fixed, and moving on to something new. So I thought a long time about my decision.

I reeeeeeeally wanted a Dyson.


But no matter what sales I saw at what store, nothing could make me justify dropping a half K on a friggen vacuum.

And then randomly one day, I had the tv on and was only half paying attention to what was on when I saw the last 5 seconds of a vacuum commercial. "Hoover Air" was all I saw, and I watched it swivel across the floor with ease. That commercial must have been powerful because it made me go online so I could try to find the commercial to watch it in its entirety. 

I watched it, and immediately looked up where I could find this vacuum in store, and how much it would cost.

Every retailer had it for the same price, as it was a new item. $188! Not bad at all for a Dyson-like equivalent!

I was sold.

And now, this is where my first vacuum sits:
Ironically next to the box my new vacuum came in!

I HIGHLY recommend this vacuum! It is lightweight, easy to use, great suction, and swivels like a Dyson!

Just lookit all that dirt in the canister!
It has a pull out handle for little jobs.
It has a long pull out hose for reaching things up high, or cleaning stairs.
And it has an awesome hose that extends like 30 feet or something ridiculous like that.
Simple switch between floor and hose cleaning.
You can turn the brush on/off with a push of a button for hardwood/carpet surfaces. All the buttons are a fun green color!
One button push to remove the canister for dumping.
Here comes the swivel action captured by still images!
Straight line vacuuming:
Swivel to the side!
It has convenient storage for the attachment tools.
 A very compact vacuum that's powerful, has useful features, is lightweight, and is easy on the wallet. I was fortunate to get it at Home Depot with a military discount.

My vacuum no longer sucks.

It just has great suction.



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