Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Cat-Dog

What a beautiful morning! It's 70 degrees here at 9:15 in the morning with a nice breeze running through the open windows. I don't work until later today, so I am having a nice, slow start to my day.

This is my second "Wordless Wednesday" post.

I'd like you to meet the Cat-Dog, Zorro.

He is part dog. 

I have a leash for him; he knows when I call his name by the back door to come over so that I can put him in his harness and we go outside. He tries to act like he doesn't want his harness put on, but he never fights it.

And then we go outside. Enjoy!

He found a bed of new grass. I only wish our whole yard had such nice grass in it...

Had to sample some grass.

Oooh, a squirrel...

...aaaaand I'll eat some more grass.

He hides so well. He is also part lion.


I can't get it...

Maybe I can lick it.

I'm gonna get it. Because I'm part dog.

I'll try harder next time to make this wordless. :)

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