Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To Make Your Rug a Non-Slip Rug

I am enjoying my day off with open windows, running errands, and crafting/organizing around the house. I was out of town for a week and then worked 4 days in a row. To me, it felt like Friday was Monday, Saturday was Monday, Sunday was Monday...and then finally Monday was Monday! I am glad to get things back in order! Hubby is in the field this week, so now I have some quiet time to get stuff done.

It's definitely obvious when school gets out around here - the neighborhood practically erupts with LOUD NOISES! Lots of shouting, giggling, doggies barking, and lawnmowers. I saw some middle school-aged boys walking around with a weed whacker and a rotary grass cutter. It made me laugh! I hope they come back this way; I will gladly pay them to mow my backyard! We have some grass that has shot up to almost knee-height!

Ok, onto this "rug" business!

We all have this problem:

This rug moves and slides around no matter what I do. Mainly because we have two wild kitties who use this rug as a spring board of sorts to leap up the stairs. Their track is the hallway, and then they follow the U-turn and sprint up the stairs. When the rug slides around like this, you can't even open the front door!

And then there's this remedy that doesn't work:

Those non-slip mat thingies. Mine always end up in some sort of lump under the rug, acting all useless.

Then I had an idea. I bought a hot-glue gun (I don't know how it is possible that I didn't already own one) and got to work!

Here's What You Need:

Your rug (mine is approximately 3x5)

A hot glue gun

A bag of these (I only used 10 sticks - I have a "mini" gun):

Here's What You Do:

Flip your rug over and put it near an outlet. 

Plug in that hot glue gun!

You will start at the farthest edge from the outlet to help avoid dragging the cord through the glue before it has a chance to cool and harden.

And now, start gluing! That's it!

Working from one end of the rug to the other, make glue lines across your rug.
You really can't go wrong with this project. 
Straight, curvy, zigzag...it really doesn't matter!

You will want to press the nozzle into the rug so that the glue gets a good bond with the material
My rug is 100% polyester.

Continue to glue all the way around your rug!
If you get done and realize you need more "grip power", no big deal - just flip it over and add a few more glue lines!
A close-up of an itty bitty glue line:

All better!

This has to be the easiest, most fool-proof DIY project ever!

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