Monday, April 29, 2013

Goin' To Kansas City...Kansas City, Here I Come (and there I went)

So I drove home to visit my Kansas people a few days ago. It was a great time! I decided to schedule people during my visit this time, instead of trying to wing it like we did around the holidays. That was hard. We got back on the road to Tennessee again feeling like we didn't make it around to everyone. 

Scheduling in advance was definitely much less stressful. Chris was supposed to come home with me, but there was a training mission that got scheduled last minute...and then canceled even more last minute...oh well.

So it ended up begin a solo trip. Which I guess was okay, but we were supposed to go to a wedding and a baptism together. So I ended up spending every meal with my family and friends. It occurred to me that if we both went home, we'd probably have fought over who got the car for the day!

I spent the 6 days eating.


And talking.

I got to spend time with my chubby niece.

Lookit those thighs, girl!

Just love those baby blues!

My step-mom and I went on the Parade of Homes, but we didn't make it very far. Apparently is was "closed for judging".

But we got far enough for me to find the kitchen of my dreams:
And it had a walk-in-goes-around-the-corner pantry TO DIE FOR.

I got my Kansas City milk.
Root Beer flavored is the best.

I got my Kansas City Beer.
Boulevard Wheat!!

I got to see this adorable doggy face.

I got to meet my Goddaughter. :)

I had dinner with my dad and we watched Haley giggle and throw herself back repeatedly.
RED ROBIN (yum!)

It's tough to say what my favorite part of the trip was. I wish I would have taken more photos with people. I'm not used to this "living away from everyone" thing yet. I have to say, I truly enjoyed visiting my preschool (I still call it my) and reconnecting with some kids, staff, and parents. I even got a few treasures to take home:

And of course, I had to visit every maurices store in a 15 mile radius.

And then it was time for my trip home.

First, I left my Rolos in the sun.

They melted.

Then, the interstate was shut down.

I was detoured back to the interstate via a loooooong line of cars and semis.

It took 2 1/2 hours to go about 10 miles.

That's me, the little blue dot, about an hour into my detour.

The road I was on should have been red, too.

I guess they didn't expect a 2-lane back country road to be so terribly congested.

It was terrible.

The good news was that there was a Jimmy Johns at the end of the detour!
So I stopped for a much needed pit stop.
I ordered the Turkey Tom.

11 hours after leaving KC, I finally arrived home to a happy husband and two kitties who flocked to me as soon as I sat down on the couch.

I think they missed me!

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