Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Raised Flower Bed

I've been itching to work in our yard since the day we moved in almost 9 months ago. 

Not a SINGLE plant existed in the whole yard. 

Just a bare yard:

And then we began our gardening project!

It took us about 6 weeks total, mainly because our work schedules didn't align very often, and when they did, we only worked on it for a few hours and only 1 trip to Home Depot each time. 

So we really could have knocked it out in a weekend or two if we really wanted to. 

And it snowed once after we got started (the only snow we got this winter), and we had a few rainy days that set us back, too.

We started the outline of the flower bed. 

We were limited to a 3 foot depth due to the existing termite traps ...what are those called?

We thought it would look nice to have a little focal point at the end:

At this point we had already hauled one tarp-full of dirt/clay and dumped it in the back yard. It was incredibly heavy.

First and second layer of stones down:

...and we had to dig all of that out and haul it to the backyard, too. 

I was not looking forward to it.

Third and final layer of stones put in:

The neighborhood kids were drawn to our activity. 

We offered them dirt and rocks and we had a quick biology lesson including worms and rolly pollies!

Filling it in with "good" dirt:

All 36 bags of it:

Some plants are in! 

We chose Japanese Holly bushes. 

I like the dark green foliage. 

NO berries!

We spent awhile trying to figure out what plant to feature here; I went back and forth between a local nursery and Home Depot trying to find the perfect one.

I settled on a White Azalea.

A little spot for my birdbath:

I love this little birdbath. Except one of the birdies broke off, so it's just sitting there.

All finished!


The front of the house looks SO much better!

I really wanted some hostas, but the front of the house faces almost due east, so that was not going to be a possibility since they are a shade plant.

So I settled for planting a little one in a pot in the shade.

We took a break and walked to the backyard.

We saw a kitty in the window begging us to let him come out (with the sidewalk that leads to nowhere, haha!).

I think our next project will be fixing the backyard.


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