Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bronze It On

I'm so excited to be blogging...from my bed! Why is this so exciting, you may ask. My poor laptop had a battery life of basically zilch unplugged, so I've been tethered to the wall for a good 2 years with this thing. A replacement battery was going to cost almost $100, and for that price, you are on your way to a brand new laptop! So I was avoiding it and making it work, until my husband found one on Amazon for less than half that price!

So now I'm back in business, and I can compute where ever I want again! 

Well, it's that time if year get your tan on! The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL these past few days!

Those of you who know me know that I will never lay in a tanning bed.


I'm not going to pay for skin cancer.

And that about sums up how I feel about it.

So I, as a pale person, have to resort to tanning from a bottle.

I must say, with my recent change in job field, I now must look good and represent good fashion choices. Not that I didn't before, but I have to look my best even more so now. Maybe I can write this stuff off on my taxes as a work-related expense...hmmm...and pedicures too? :)

Rewind to winter of 2011-2012. I went to the store to look at some self-tanners to help my paleness. I had done a little research beforehand, but there wasn't really anything solid to go off of. Just opinions. But I knew I wanted something that was:

1. easy to apply
2. would yield a natural looking color, and
3. would not cost a ton.

I selected Jergen's Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer. This initially met criteria #1 and 3, and it promised #2, plus it had 25% more in the bottle PLUS it had a recommendation from Allure Magazine. That usually means it is a fairly popular and well-liked product.

So I bought it!

I used it a couple of times that next summer, and so I had almost a full bottle for this summer season. 

I am using it a little bit more regularly this season, and it's been working great! I selected the medium to tan skin tone, although that's not exactly the best match for me. Because this is called a daily moisturizer, if that is how you intend to use it, then you need to match your skin pretty accurately. I knew that I would not be using it daily, so I decided to go up a level so that I would get a noticable tan without having to use it daily.

Here's how you apply it:

1. shower and exfoliate extra dry areas (especially elbows), but don't use oily scrubs or lotions.
2. apply mousse generously to dried skin. 

Now let me elaborate on this second step. Because this is a mousse, it is very easy to glide on, unlike lotion, where you feel like you spend half your life rubbing it in and you can't ever tell how well you've done until you are orange and streaky hours later.

While it is easy to apply, BE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH mousse on your hands. I suggest spraying a golf ball sized glob of mousse into your hand, spread it between your hands, and rub on your arms. That's a good place on your body to start. You should have enough that your hands glide easily across your skin with no resistance. If your hand drags across your skin, you probably don't have enough on and you will most likely end up with streaks of uneven color. We don't want that. Just continue to rub until your skin doesn't feel wet to the touch. It doesn't take long - just a few seconds, really.

Continue to rub the mousse from head to toe. Pay special attention to areas where your "mousse use" will stop, like your palms/wrists, bottom/sides of feet, your hairline, and your jawline. You will want to be sure to blend these areas by easing up on the "mousse use" as you approach these lines, and drag a little mousse into these areas. This way you won't end up with lines where your fake tanning is obvious.

I have used this product on my face, and I have had no problems with it. You can apply directly (watching out for your eyes, of course) or apply with a little of your own facial moisturizer mixed in. Jergens also carries tanning products specifically formulated for faces, but I didn't feel that was necessary to purchase that just yet.

And the last step...

3. Air dry. 

Obviously a very important step. I have always applied this mousse after an evening shower, and then I have the time to air dry before getting dressed. I do have to say there is the slightest sticky feeling after drying, but I really only noticed it this last time when I was really generous when applying it. It did transfer some color to a lilac-colored cotton sleep shirt I wore to bed one night after using the mousse. So just be aware.

Applying this 2 times (skipping a day or two in between) gave me a noticeable tan. I actually saw results the morning after my first application, but the color was really where I wanted it to be after the second round. If you apply this 2 or 3 times a week, I'm sure you will glow all summer long without exposing yourself to any harmful rays from the sun or artificial light sources. And, no tan lines!

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