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How To Make Your Rug a Non-Slip Rug

I am enjoying my day off with open windows, running errands, and crafting/organizing around the house. I was out of town for a week and then worked 4 days in a row. To me, it felt like Friday was Monday, Saturday was Monday, Sunday was Monday...and then finally Monday was Monday! I am glad to get things back in order! Hubby is in the field this week, so now I have some quiet time to get stuff done.

It's definitely obvious when school gets out around here - the neighborhood practically erupts with LOUD NOISES! Lots of shouting, giggling, doggies barking, and lawnmowers. I saw some middle school-aged boys walking around with a weed whacker and a rotary grass cutter. It made me laugh! I hope they come back this way; I will gladly pay them to mow my backyard! We have some grass that has shot up to almost knee-height!

Ok, onto this "rug" business!

We all have this problem:
This rug moves and slides around no matter what I do. Mainly because we have two wild kit…

Easiest. Mexi-Mac. EVER.

This post will be straightforward and to the point.
You're hungry. And you just got home from work. You're tired.
The maid didn't show up to clean your house, nor did the personal chef to prepare your dinner.
Well crap
Here comes the age-old question: what's for dinner?
This is what you're going to make for dinner. Right now!! It's delicious, I promise.
Mexican-Style Macaroni & Cheese
Here's what you need:

Just these guys. That's it.
Rotel. Corn. Black beans. And your favorite box of macaroni and cheese WITH A SAUCE PACKET.  Not the powder kind. It won't work as well.
Now cook the mac & cheese according to package directions. Drain your corn and beans. I know it's hard. 
You can even drain your pasta on top of these two and then dump it back into your pot That's what I did: After adding the cheese packet and Rotel, stir until combined.
Now eat!
Mmm. So good. If you really wanted, you could add taco-seasoned ground turkey or beef.
But for this recipe, if yo…

Goin' To Kansas City...Kansas City, Here I Come (and there I went)

So I drove home to visit my Kansas people a few days ago. It was a great time! I decided to schedule people during my visit this time, instead of trying to wing it like we did around the holidays. That was hard. We got back on the road to Tennessee again feeling like we didn't make it around to everyone. 
Scheduling in advance was definitely much less stressful. Chris was supposed to come home with me, but there was a training mission that got scheduled last minute...and then canceled even more last minute...oh well.
So it ended up begin a solo trip. Which I guess was okay, but we were supposed to go to a wedding and a baptism together. So I ended up spending every meal with my family and friends. It occurred to me that if we both went home, we'd probably have fought over who got the car for the day!
I spent the 6 days eating.
And talking.
I got to spend time with my chubby niece.

Lookit those thighs, girl!
Just love those baby blues!
My step-mom and I went on the Parade of H…

First Raised Flower Bed

I've been itching to work in our yard since the day we moved in almost 9 months ago. 
Not a SINGLE plant existed in the whole yard.
Just a bare yard:
And then we began our gardening project!
It took us about 6 weeks total, mainly because our work schedules didn't align very often, and when they did, we only worked on it for a few hours and only 1 trip to Home Depot each time. 
So we really could have knocked it out in a weekend or two if we really wanted to. 
And it snowed once after we got started (the only snow we got this winter), and we had a few rainy days that set us back, too.
We started the outline of the flower bed. 
We were limited to a 3 foot depth due to the existing termite traps...what are those called?

We thought it would look nice to have a little focal point at the end:

At this point we had already hauled one tarp-full of dirt/clay and dumped it in the back yard. It was incredibly heavy.
First and second layer of stones down:

...and we had to dig all of that out and haul …

Wordless Wednesday: The Cat-Dog

What a beautiful morning! It's 70 degrees here at 9:15 in the morning with a nice breeze running through the open windows. I don't work until later today, so I am having a nice, slow start to my day.

This is my second "Wordless Wednesday" post.

I'd like you to meet the Cat-Dog, Zorro.

He is part dog. 

I have a leash for him; he knows when I call his name by the back door to come over so that I can put him in his harness and we go outside. He tries to act like he doesn't want his harness put on, but he never fights it.

And then we go outside. Enjoy!

I'll try harder next time to make this wordless. :)