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Welcome Home Baby Wreath

Out with Halloween, and in with Christmas. Where did Thanksgiving go? Don't ask me. Stores have been putting Christmas decorations out since July, for goodness sake . For whatever reason, I am not opposed to hearing Christmas already. It's already started at my new job - the first song I heard was the Glee Cast version of Last Christmas. I was actually excited to hear it!

My mailbox is already filling up with Holiday shopping catalogues and circulars, and my Pinterest wall is full of fun holiday decorating and gift-giving ideas. And the polar bears have come out to play again on the Coke cans!
Holiday decorating reminds me that I made a super cute wreath for my niece when she was born, but I never posted anything about it because it was a surprise! I am excited to show it off now, haha!

I purchased a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby (mine was much larger in diameter than the one on the website) and some blue, green, and brown ribbon that matched the theme of my niece's room. The wreath will look best when you choose different patterns, widths, sheerness, and textures. I also selected wooden letters that were already painted white to spell her name. You will also need a hot glue gun.

I began by cutting ONE strip of ribbon and doing a "test tie" to see if it was long enough to be tied and have the ends long enough to hang nicely. I think mine ended up being about 16 inches in length - a little bit longer than I originally thought it would be. Try not to be too excessive with the ribbon length because you will run out of ribbon faster.

Then I spent a bit of time cutting all my ribbon the same length so I could begin tying without having to stop to cut more. I chose to alternate the ribbon styles as I tied them around the wreath, but randomization could be cute, too! 

It is up to you how far around the wreath you tie the ribbon, but it will take a ton of ribbon if you choose to go all the way around the whole thing. That will get pretty costly! I did about a third or so of the wreath; that way there was room for the letters for her name. If the name you are doing is longer, be sure you choose small enough letters to fit. Making your ribbon section smaller than a quarter of the wreath will make it look lopsided and unbalanced. If the name is just a few letters, consider going farther around the wreath with ribbon to fill in the "blank" space.

It was kind of tricky to find good placement for the letters on a grapevine wreath because the wreath itself is not level. So I had to work around the bumpy vines. They sometimes ran right where I wanted the letter to go. Just be aware that perfect letter placement may not be an option with this type of wreath! :)

I laid the letters where I wanted them, and then lifted one at a time to glue it. Just a few spots under each letter is all you will really need to anchor it to the wreath; you don't necessarily have to go glue-crazy. But a glue gun is fun, so I could understand if you have the urge to!

Let the glue cool for a little bit, adjusting the letters if they are crooked, but be quick! This glue isn't very forgiving!

The finished product:
 I used a wreath hanger to hang this over the front door when baby and family came home from the hospital. You could also tie a loop of ribbon and then hang the wreath from the ribbon if it's too thick for the wreath to hang on the hanger alone.

The look of the wreath can be changed by using only thick ribbon - I used all thin ribbon - and also by making the ends of the ribbon shorter. For my first ribbon wreath, I think it turned out pretty good!


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