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I am so excited for Halloween this year!

No, not for the costume parties, the amazing selection of candy at the store, yummy halloween-time food, or even the spooky movies running on tv.

I am excited for the trick-or-treaters!

This should be the first year that we actually get a steady flow of trick-or-treaters. In the past, the hubby and I have lived in apartment neighborhoods. I had initially though that we would have a flood of doorbell ringers, since there was such a high-density of doors to go to with little walking or driving required. 

But no such luck! I suppose it could be because apartments house families that are not all 9-5 type people, and a lot probably didn't participate or weren't even home. In fact, they were probably all out partying.

Anywho, now that we live on a military base, there are multiple children in each household. And the decorations are INSANE! Porches completely covered in spider web, giant pumpkins, a few inflatables, graveyards and ghosties, and rig…

That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It

Pinterest is amazing. Have you heard of it? I hope so, because if not, you are truly missing out. It has almost become the new "Google" for some (me). I am more likely to hop on Pinterest to search for a yummy recipe than search on Google. I would like to point out, however, that Google has a recipe tab that you can click on, and then on the left side of the screen you can checkmark the boxes to indicate if you want that ingredient to be present in your recipe. Kinda handy if you are looking for a recipe and you can only remember a few ingredients in it.

Anyway, browsing Pinterest has led me to great ideas, recipes, products, and left me drooling over dream homes and a wardrobe to die for. But recently, as Pinterest has become more popular, I have noticed some really dumb links. I am not typically one to point out stuff like this, but some of these things just crack me up!

I'm not sure I get this. This image is suggesting that this is an acceptable way to re-seal an opened…

Fish Tacos

You know, a little bit of meal planning goes a long way. Nothing is worse than when it is nearing dinner time and nobody has any clue what's for dinner. This typically leads to impulse take-out or drive-thru dinner, or going to the grocery store to pick out something quick and easy.

On Sunday nights I try to sit down and generate a meal plan for the week and a grocery list to accompany it. I plan about 4 meals based on our current lifestyle. There are just 2 of us, we try to eat healthy, but we also want foods that make us happy. We love food too much to restrict ourselves to only "lean protein and fresh veggies" all the time. Tried that once and it barely lasted 2 weeks. Food is so much more than just fuel to keep us alive, it is part of life's experience. Food is tied to emotions and feelings, hence the terms "soul food" and "comfort food" and "cooking with love". And there is something just wonderful about cooking really good food and …

Turkey Burgers with Peach Avocado Salsa

The other day I bought 4 pounds of peaches from Sam's Club. I had heard that they were always really good, so with our new Sam's membership, I decided to pick some up. They look amazing from the outside, large, beautifully colored. I sliced one up and took a bite. I was expecting to have juice running down my fingers or my face or something. Nope. They were virtually juice-less.The texture was fine, but without the juice, there was no way I could eat them plain. I'd never been so disappointed by a peach before.

So what to do with 4 pounds of peaches?

I decided that I would make a peach salsa. I've had mango salsa before, and it was a nice combination of sweet and spicy. Salsa would be a perfect way to disguise the fact that the peaches I had were missing their natural juiciness.

Peach salsa, for whatever reason, made me think of turkey burgers. It's my new favorite thing to order at restaurants. I had a turkey burger to die for at The Cheesecake Factory off their Skin…