Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Settled

Well, I s'pose it's time for another update.

I guess it depends on your definition of "settled" as to how we are doing. Everything is in order in the house, but I still have a lot of settling to do. I just took the cats in to get registered and micro-chipped and updates on shots. The poor things got stabbed with a mighty large needle! I will soon get a PCM (Primary Care Manager) for my medical needs. So then I will have to have all my medical files transferred out here. The good thing is that once I get all the records here from my various doctors, the next time we PCS I will only have to call one office instead of 3! I feel like I constantly have things on my to-do list. Same with the "Walmart" list - we literally get home and think of something else we needed or should have gotten. We finally got cable, internet, and functional phone service, so at least we are connected to the world again. I am trying to get things organized, but it's a bit difficult when I walk into a room and see something that needs to be taken care of, take that into another room and get distracted by something else, and then go make some lunch and get distracted from eating to take care of something else - unpacking has definitely been my full-time job!

I am quickly realizing that I did not vacuum enough in our previously carpeted residences. Like EVER. We have laminate hardwood in our downstairs, and it gets dirty so fast! I bought a dry mop with reusable pads and I am always completely
disgusted each time I go over the floors. No wonder when I shampooed the carpets that the water was always black! I was wearing flip flops around the house when we first moved in because otherwise my feet would get dirty and I'd track that onto the couches and our bed. Our stuff got covered in a white dust from the storage unit. The aisles were gravel and most of our stuff was set on the ground to arrange everything to fit inside the unit. So ALL that got tracked in. I couldn't clean the floors until I had unpacked all the boxes. But I was doing that by myself since Chris had to work, so it took me over a week before I hauled all the boxes in from the garage, unpacked them, put things away, broke the boxes down again, dusted down all the furniture, stored the packing materials, threw out the newspaper, went a bought a dry mop, had to buy a second one to use while the first was in the wash, and now I can FINALLY say that my floors are clean. And now the furniture is starting to be dusty again, and the bathroom sinks need to be cleaned because the cats' paws left tracks all over from their dirty feet. So now that we are "settled", I shall begin my first round of cleaning. It feels good to be getting some laundry done, too! 3 loads of moving blankets are done, so now I can start on normal laundry.

I went to a job information meeting on post today, and updated my dusty resume. I got many references to different websites to apply for jobs. The college nearby in Clarksville, Austin Peay, just graduated 8500 seniors. Add that to all the local military no competition or anything. I am overwhelmed in a good way with all the information I got, but a little disheartened to hear of just how hard it will be to get a job here. The employment center in Clarksville sees over 5,000 people each month! We shall see how it goes. I got lots of tips and ideas, and there are classes and job fairs on post frequently to help you get a job. And they don't give up on you, either. I just hope that I don't have to navigate too far from my field to find a job...

We've already been down to Nashville once, although it was just for dinner. We walked down Broadway to check out the night life. All sorts of people were out! Every bar has live country bands, everyone trying to make it big, I'm sure. Lots of boot stores and yummy looking places to eat. I went home for my niece's baptism this past weekend, so we didn't get to check anything else out yet. I keep picking up brochures of fun things to do like
The American Cave Museum and Hidden River Cave and Historic Diamond Caverns and the Incline Railway and Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies are the latest ones I have looked at. 

That's all for now, I guess. Now I can check blogging off my list and move on to something else I need to take care of in this room. Oh look, there are 4 boxes of paperwork and files to be sorted and put away...great...maybe I will see something else to do that is more fun...hang up the KU flag! Oh, wait, I can't - I ran out of picture hanging nails. Maybe I should run to the PX?! I need some envelopes and stamps, too...That reminds me, I need to mail that paperwork to change the bank account info on my student loans. But I should probably start by taking the laundry out of the dryer and putting the sheets back on the bed.

And so in circles I continue to go. It's so hard to get stuff done!

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