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Getting Settled

Well, I s'pose it's time for another update.

I guess it depends on your definition of "settled" as to how we are doing. Everything is in order in the house, but I still have a lot of settling to do. I just took the cats in to get registered and micro-chipped and updates on shots. The poor things got stabbed with a mighty large needle! I will soon get a PCM (Primary Care Manager) for my medical needs. So then I will have to have all my medical files transferred out here. The good thing is that once I get all the records here from my various doctors, the next time we PCS I will only have to call one office instead of 3! I feel like I constantly have things on my to-do list. Same with the "Walmart" list - we literally get home and think of something else we needed or should have gotten. We finally got cable, internet, and functional phone service, so at least we are connected to the world again. I am trying to get things organized, but it's a bit di…

Home At Last...?

Well, I know that a lot of you are waiting and wondering what is going on down here with the hubby and I at Ft. Campbell.

Not a whole lot.

We managed to arrive safely after about 8 hours on the road, with only 2 stops along the way for gas, snacks, and to get our moving truck weighed. Our belongings weigh over 6,000 pounds!

The cats fared fairly well. Zorro cried all the way to St. Louis. He would get really worked up and then his cries would gradually get quieter and quieter and he would lay down. Just when I forgot that I was traveling with cats, he started flipping in his cage and crying all over again. Pearl chimed in here and there, but she fell silent shortly after leaving Kansas and resorted to staring at the side of her cage. I finally switched where their carriers were in the car when we stopped outside of St. Louis, and finally, FINALLY I could drive without crying and howling. They were essentially asleep once we arrived.

The next morning after arriving we got up and unloaded o…